Triple H discusses Samoa Joe’s new NXT role

Jul 2, 2021 - by staff

Talking to the New York Post, Triple H said that the plan for Samoa Joe to work behind the scenes for NXT was something that was being talked about prior to Joe being released on April 15 of this year.

“It was something that we were already talking about anyways,” he said “And what people tend to focus on, because it’s the visual, is the in front of the camera, the character side of it.

But what Joe and I have been talking about for a long period of time, before COVID, probably from the time he started in WWE in general [is] that’s he’s a very smart guy that’s very business-oriented, has a level head, and all those things. And [we discussed,] ‘What is the future like and how can he help build the future,’ and he was enamored with the other side of the business and what we do.”

“There was an opportunity for him to transition, no different than you would say, ‘Well, he was released from this pitching contract and started managing the team and became a coach.’ It’s a similar situation” Triple H added.

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