Triple H says Undertaker considering behind-the-scenes role for PC and NXT

Dec 7, 2020 - by Colin Vassallo

Triple H revealed that The Undertaker is considering getting involved with NXT and the WWE Performance Center, following the footsteps of Shawn Michaels.

In his post-Takeover press conference, Triple H said that the two have talked about it and Taker is looking at the next phase of his life and “it involves being here.” He said that when Superstars such as The Undertaker come to the PC to work with up-and-coming WWE Superstars, they all come with a different perspective and a fresh take, adding that he himself learns from Taker every time he is around him.

Triple H continued saying that he’s letting Taker enjoy his retirement for now and while they talked a few days ago regarding the subject, once the holidays are over and 2021 kicks in, they will dive deeper in the possibility of The Undertaker being there.

“I just can’t stress enough how impactful that will be to everybody,” Triple H said.

In his many interviews, The Undertaker stressed that he would be wrestling forever if his body let him do it because he loves the business that much. While not wrestling, being around and helping in running the PC and NXT would be the next best thing to keep being involved in professional wrestling and help build the future of the industry.

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