Moxley on WWE’s biggest problem: “VKM”

Aug 30, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Jon Moxley On WWE’s Biggest Problem Right Now, What He Hated Most About The Company, Why He Wants WWE To Succeed

On WWE’s biggest problem:

“It’s one person, three letters. VKM. Until he’s gone or relinquishes control, it’s not gonna change. When I’ve watched the show during the pandemic era, I’m just like ‘Oh thank god I’m not there.’ What would I be doing on the show right now? Can you imagine? Do you think it would be any good? I really don’t wanna get into bashing them or anything, but all the LED boards and the ThunderDome isn’t gonna fix their problems.”

On the one thing he hated the most in WWE:

“Scripts. I cannot stand this concept of this writer writing words for me. I hate it. It drives me up the wall. It makes me physically nauseous. I said ‘I wanna prove their way sucks.’ In AEW, you know how many writers we have? Zero. Zero writers. It’s an unnecessary step between the promo and the booker. The format for AEW – if I have a promo – it says Jon Moxley promo, two minutes or whatever it’s gonna be. That’s all it says. There’s not 47 pages of dialogue. If I have a promo, here’s how it works – I think about what I wanna say and I say it.

On why he wants WWE to succeed:

“I want WWE to be awesome. Honestly, when WWE sucks, at this point I don’t get excited about it like ‘Haha you suck.’ It kind of pisses me off. Because they’re the number one brand in the sport – they represent the sport to a lot of people. And when that product is embarrassing to watch, it makes all of wrestling look bad. You’re driving away fans that could potentially be WWE and AEW fans. I want wrestling all over the world to be awesome. The hotter it is all around, the better it is for everybody.”

Source : The Wrestling Observer Radio

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