The surveillance footage of the crazed fan that broke into Sonya Deville’s home

Aug 21, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Sonya Deville testified at the pre-trial hearing for the man arrested for allegedly trying to kidnap her. As previously reported, the man was arrested inside Deville’s home in Florida on Sunday after breaking in and was charged with aggravated stalking, armed burglary of a dwelling, attempted armed kidnapping, and criminal mischief. The defendant was not present and was seen via a video monitor from another room, where he was handcuffed and alone. He has invoked his fifth amendment right to remain silent and has a public defender.

According to PWInsider, Deville testified at the pre-trial hearing today and was shown photos of items that weren’t in her home until he broke in. She testified that she checked her Instagram messages after authorities gave her his name and found hundreds of messages. Among them were messages threatening her life, the life of her baby niece and threats to decapitate her ex-girlfriend, as well as threats to sexually assault her. The messages were sent over a period of many months and were done over multiple accounts, the first of which used his real name and face and the other two using fake names.

Deville noted that the last message she received came shortly after he got into her home, saying that she should look outside because he was at her pool and planned to “kill that b***h” who was there with her. Deville had Mandy Rose over as a guest that night. She identified a copy of the text messages and while Thomas’ lawyer objected that the messages couldn’t be connected to his client, the prosecutors argued that the last message placed Thomas right at the scene and that a detective would give further testimony that could link them. The judge read through the messages instead of having them read aloud because htey had personal information, though it was noted that there was a reference by the Judge to Deville’s ex-girlfriend Arianna and one to WWE’s Vic Joseph, described as a co-worker and one of her best friends.

Deville added that one of the messages demanded that she have sex with him or he would release her public address and that there were threats against the lives of all of her living relatives and her ex-girlfriend, with the messages saying that he could walk next door to her house and that could kill people to show her he was serious. One message read, “Tick Tock when will the fun begin?” She also said that he threatened to find her at a WWE event and force her to perform sex acts at the Performance Center. She noted that her ex-girlfriend was frightened enough of the messages she received to deactivate her Instagram account and that in one message he sent her, he said that she was ignoring him so he was going to come talk to her in person and said he would “get what I want” and would regret ignoring him. He additionally messaged her saying he’d attend Summerslam as her boyfriend.

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