Renee Young Update: Leaving WWE Due to COVID Reaction?

Aug 21, 2020 - by James Walsh

As we reported earlier this week, Renee Young will be leaving the WWE after Summerslam this weekend after giving her notice last week. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Young had two deals during her WWE run. This includes an employee deal with WWE that lets her give notice whenever she wants. The second contract was with FOX for WWE Backstage, but that ended when the show was cancelled.

There were also some additional details about when Young contracted COVID earlier this summer. She previously went public about it without the WWE knowing. Meanwhile, WWE’s top officials didn’t talk to her when they found out she had it until several days later. A source claimed that others who got it at the same time, but Young was the only one to go public without WWE knowing about it.

Meanwhile, while AEW could be possible for Young since her husband Jon Moxley works there, that company actually didn’t know she was leaving until the story broke. A person ‘close to the situation’ claims that it’s inevitable that she will host or do something for AEW but a deal hasn’t been set up at this time. Everyone in the company knows her. It should be noted that if she does go to AEW, it won’t be any time soon as her announcing deal with WWE had a ‘serious’ non-compete clause.

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