Maria Kanellis Rants at WWE For Releasing Her During the Pandemic

Jul 2, 2020 - by Steve Gerweck

Maria Kanellis recently got into with a fan on Twitter, after she openly criticized WWE for releasing her last April. As noted, she and her husband, Mike Kanellis (aka Mike Bennett), were released along with a significant number of other wrestlers during the middle of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. You can read Kanellis’ comments on the matter below.

Initially, she wrote, “Did you ever hear the one about the woman that was released from WWE during a pandemic 2 months postpartum after being told having another baby wasn’t an issue…? #milkmoney #moreonthatlater #onlywrestlingcompanythatreleasedpeople #NonEssentialFamily”

Later on, a Twitter user responded, “Did u hear the one where a woman tells her employer she’s pregnant AFTER she signs a new contract.” That comment is referring to an earlier rumor that was reported by PWInsider. It claimed that she and her husband did not inform WWE of the news of her pregnancy until after they signed new five-year contracts with the company in June of 2019. Another rumor on the situation reported by stated that WWE was aware that the couple were looking to have another child when they signed new contracts last year. But the information of their pregnancy announcement was not announced until after their new contract deals were already signed.

Maria Kanellis wrote in response to the Twitter user, “How about the one where I told them I wanted to have another baby within the next two years so maybe we should change the type of contract I sign either to a part time or switch me to me to the other side of the camera? And they still signed me. FYI it is none of your business.” You can also view that exchange below.

As you might recall, WWE turned their pregnancy into a storyline on Raw, where Maria turned on her husband and claimed that someone else was the father of her child. The angle was later tossed out and never resolved.

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