Liv Morgan versus Lana Booked for WWE RAW

Jan 24, 2020 - by James Walsh

Photo Credit: WWE

Liv Morgan will have her first singles match in six months when she faces Lana on WWE Raw. Rusev and Bobby Lashley have been banned from ringside in the match. 

Morgan battles Lana with Lashley and Rusev banned from ringside 

Rusev and Bobby Lashley have been waging all the battles in Raw’s resident love quadrangle lately, but Morgan and Lana are about to step into the spotlight. 

In a match where both The Bulgarian Brute and The All Mighty will be banned from ringside, Liv and Lana will square off in singles action on Raw, bringing their simmering rivalry-within-a-rivalry to a boil. The match will mark Liv’s first singles competition in six months, as well as an opportunity for the pair to settle the score on their own unfinished business. Given the (still unelaborated) revelations from Lana’s wedding to Lashley, it’s clear these two have a lot to talk about — or, more likely, fight about — before all is said and done.

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