Carmella Celebrates Three Years on WWE Main Roster

Jul 21, 2019 - by James Walsh

Carmella celebrated her third anniversary on the WWE main roster over the weekend. The WWE star posted to Instagram with a photo gallery looking back at her career on Raw and Smackdown so far and reflecting on her accomplishments. She wrote:

Three years ago today I was the very last person drafted to #SDLive. I went from Ms. Irrelevant to Ms. MITB. I’d much rather be underestimated than overhyped. It’s been an incredible three years and I’ve even exceeded my own expectations. Never let your circumstances hinder your goals. Take every opportunity you’re given and blow it out of the water. You can create your own success with the very little you are given. I had to knock the damn door down and show them what I’m made of. Oh, and keep underestimating me, I’ve had a blast proving y’all wrong for the last three years. MELLA IS MONEY.

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