AEW considering having records and rankings

Jan 15, 2019 - by Steve Gerweck

Last Tuesday at the AEW Rally in Jacksonville, Cody Rhodes boldly declares that “wins and losses would matter” in All Elite Wrestling. Cody didn’t offer any more details at the event. Speaking to SEScoops, Cody discussed what he meant by those comments and how AEW could incorporate win-loss records into the promotion.

“This is preliminary, but I can tell you that we have talked about rankings and we have talked about records,” revealed Cody. “As a kid, we probably all read Pro Wrestling Illustrated and the different mags where they’d have the rankings. Everything we’d like to do is an effort to engage the audience. Not in a way that insults their intelligence. It is something that’s been discussed. I can’t confirm that we’ll do records, or we’ll do an analytical take on it, but I’ve seen some mock ups for some pretty cool stuff.”

Cody continued, “New Japan does it in their own unique way, with Tag League and with G1 and you notice the fans get really into that. They want something they can sink their teeth into. I can’t confirm but we’re definitely looking at records and standings, it’s a very strong possibility.”

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