Becky Lynch talks losing confidence in herself, feeling pressure to fit into the younger WWE model

Jul 15, 2018 - by Steve Gerweck

Becky Lynch opens up about confidence issues while trying to get signed by WWE and what kept her going

Lynch recently did an interview with Conversations with Maria Menounos and here are a few highlights…

On feeling the pressure to fit the WWE mold when she was younger:

“I started dieting….I figured in my head, I remember hearing from a woman who said, ‘They don’t want girls like us. They want fluff.’ And I remember thinking in my head, ‘Well let’s see about this.’ But, also being like, ‘Oh ok, well what do I got to do?’ So at that time everybody was just drop dead models, stunning, and looked phenomenal. I thought…if I looked like a fitness model maybe I’ve got a better chance of getting hired, so that’s why I got into body building and with that, of course, I didn’t do it properly. I didn’t really know what I was doing….and I just dropped so much weight and I didn’t have the energy and with that your mood changes…everything changes and gets messed up. The enthusiasm and the passion I had for wrestling got lost. I got confused. I was like, ‘Am I wasting my time?’ It’s so sad to think I was so skeptical at such a young age. I’m not at all like that now.”

On losing confidence in herself:

“I was going into depression and lack of self belief more than anything and that lack of self belief can be so detrimental to anybody in any field…they just throw away their art and what they’re good and what they’re meant to do because they just don’t believe in themselves. That’s something I’ve had to work on for many years; but, gotten out of that spot with thankfully with just being blessed and being able to come into WWE and NXT…if it wasn’t for Dusty Rhodes believing in me a lot of the times, I wouldn’t be here.”

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