Kurt Angle on which current WWE stars he wants to work with

Feb 4, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Kurt angle recently spoke to Pro Wrestling Stories and he revealed that there’s an abundance of WWE stars he would like to work with.

“Well, there are always guys that I have already wrestled like Cena, Brock Lesnar, Undertaker and Triple H. And, you know, Randy Orton. I love that kid! I think he’s awesome. I’m going to have to put AJ Styles up there, too. He is frickin’, he is the best in the business without a doubt right now. I just watched him and Dean Ambrose on Tuesday. Gosh, does that kid ever have less than a five-star match? He’s phenomenal. I completely understand why AJ is so much fun to work with – you don’t have to do anything! He does all of it for you. Any other wrestler who would tell you different is lying. AJ does all the work. That’s what’s so cool about it. You know it’s going to be a five-star match if he matches your ability. I’m talking the Ambrose’s and the Rollins’, the John Cena’s and Kurt Angle’s. As long as you’re up there with him, you’re going to have that type of match with AJ because he is so easy to work with. I also love Seth Rollins.”

Kurt Angle has wrestled AJ Styles several times in the past and it’s clear that he would like to wrestle AJ once again. As for stars he’s never wrestled before, Angle also mentioned Roman Reigns and noted that he feels Roman will win the fans over eventually.

“I know this is going to be a little bit of a surprise but I really like Roman Reigns. I think he’s going to win the fans over eventually. It’s only a matter of time. I think he was pushed fairly quickly and the fans like to see that process. You know, the US title, the Intercontinental title, the King of the Ring and then the WWE title. He just went straight up. I think that’s the reason why a lot of fans, some fans I should say, are rejecting him.”

Kurt Angle is an Olympic gold medalist and an American hero. A few years ago when Rusev was receiving a big push with his anti-American gimmick quite a few fans were fantasy booking a possible match between Angle and Rusev. It remains to be seen if the dream match will ever become a reality, but Angle sees the potential in not only a match with Rusev, but the current WWE roster as a whole.

“I love Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens. Gosh. That kid’s size. The way he looks. I haven’t seen a talent like that since Samoa Joe. I would say Cesaro, Rusev. With Rusev, I think that’s pretty plain to see that that would be a pretty great program. There are a lot of guys. Right now, the talent in WWE is as good as it’s been since the Attitude Era. I think that there is a lot of great talent there to work with.

credit: THE SpOTLight

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