Bischoff compares WWE’s vs. WCW’s cruiswerweight division

Jan 2, 2017 - by Steve Gerweck

Eric Bischoff recently spoke about What’s wrong With the WWE Cruiserweight Division and the brand split on episode 23 of his podcast, Bischoff on Wrestling.

On how today’s WWE Cruiserweight Division compares to the WCW Cruiserweight Division:

“It’s hard to make that comparison because we did it first. You can never be first, again. No matter what it is. Whoever plants the flag first wins. Everything else will be judged against it. It never quite has the same impact. Even if you come along second and you do it really, really well it doesn’t quite feel the same. So, it’s a hard comparison to make. I will say what I hope is objective. It doesn’t quite feel as significant because they don’t make it feel quite as significant. They’re not quite disciplined enough yet in the way they present it. I’ve said the same thing about the brand split. Quite frankly, I’ve forgotten about the brand split already. It’s the same thing that happened with the previous attempt when WWE tried to do the brand split. It just doesn’t feel like two different organizations.”

On why he doesn’t feel the brand split is working as well as it could be:

“Maybe it’s just me and my expectations but when I think of a “brand split” I think of the drama and the competition that should go on between the two. Not just two.”

source: THE SpOTLight

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