GRP #124: Thoughts on Wrestlemania 32, hall of fame ceremony, and NXT Takeover

Apr 6, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

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GRP is Raw

Steve Gerweck and Frank Dee are back together on the Gerweck Report podcast.

Topics covered include:

– The Wrestlemania 32 weekend – NXT Takeover, WWE hall of fame ceremony, and Wrestlemania
– Sami Zayn vs. Nakamura
– Samoa Joe busted open on NXT Takeover
– Samoa Joe’s WWE future
– NXT talent being called up to the main roster
– WWE’s tag team division is on fire
– Snoop Dogg in the celebrity wing of the hall of fame over Cyndi Lauper?
– Ric Flair’s long winded induction of Sting
– Was Slick a good choice to induct the Big Bossman after his shoot comments about Ray Traylor?
– No Vader in the hall of fame this year?
– Who will be the headlining act to be inducted into the WWE hall of fame next year?
– Will Owen Hart never get inducted into the WWE hall of fame?
– Kevin Von Erich’s slip of the lip
– Did Hayes snub The Iron Sheik at the hall of fame ceremony
– Wrestlemania was just too long, period
– Odd booking decisions at Mania
– The ladies (not the divas) had the match of the night
– More surprises for the Andre The Giant memorial battle royal vs. the Royal Rumble match?
– Should Ric Flair continue managing Charlotte?
– The non-logical Shane McMahon storyline
– Did WWE bury the Wyatt family?
– and much more!

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