Audio: Jeff Jarrett talks GFW, his split from TNA, Owen Hart DVD, the future, more

Feb 24, 2016 - by Steve Gerweck

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Alan Wojcik

Our host Alan Wojcik has been a fan of TNA Wrestling since 6/19/02 and covered the promotion extensively since. With TNA releasing on Youtube the weekly PPV’s from the “Asylum Years”, he is reaching out to the Asylum stars for their memories of that great era. Alan was joined by TNA Wrestling co-founder & founder of GLOBAL FORCE WRESTLING JEFF JARRETT. Over thirty minutes Alan and Jeff discussed areas including:

Promoting lessons learned from his grandmother Christine & dad Jerry
GFW has co-promoted house shows but when will we see it on American TV
If TNA and Trifecta Entertainment never meet in 2002, would TNA have survived
Who picked some his colorful Memphis & WWE ring outfits
Has he seen the WWE’s Owen Hart tribute DVD
How soon after the split from TNA was GFW in his mind
The addition of Kevin Sullivan to the GFW production team
What he looks for in talent when scouting for the GFW roster
Could we see a 4th generation Jarrett in the wrestling business
Is he happy with the current position of GFW in the wrestling business

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