HBK praises the “outside the box” thinking of Joe Hendry, potential for future appearances

Jul 3, 2024 - by Steve Gerweck


Kenny McIntosh from Inside The Ropes spoke with Shawn Michaels on the NXT Heatwave media call and asked Michaels about the recent shock debut of TNA star Joe Hendry on NXT.

Exclusive: Shawn Michaels Praises The “Outside The Box” Thinking Of Joe Hendry; Addresses Potential For Future WWE NXT Appearances

Shawn Michaels has commended Joe Hendry’s success in the social media world which played a huge part in the demand for his debut on NXT. Michaels also stated that Hendry has a bright future ahead of him and hopes that they can work together again in the future:

“Clearly you could see what it was. It was my first time meeting Joe. Again, even for me not being the most skilled social media guy. You see his turnaround all the time from a social media standpoint. Clearly he is a bright young man. The short dealings that I had with him, I liked him a great deal. So again, nothing would thrill me more than to have the opportunity to work with Joe Hendry in the future. I think he would tell you the same thing, he is someone who wants to continue to grow and move up.

But right now, unfortunately, nothing to add at this point in time, but I think he’s a young man that’s very bright, certainly has a very bright future and I appreciate the way he has generated this on his own and I think that always speaks well of somebody. Again, you used the words thinking outside of the box, he’s obviously done that and I always appreciate the intellect that it takes for somebody to grow outside the wheelhouse that they’re in.”

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