Moose on possibly crossing over, Piper Niven addresses social media war

Jun 18, 2024 - by Steve Gerweck

– TNA sources have been outspoken about Moose’s desire to participate in crossover events. Despite this, Moose has been courted by WWE multiple times, even during periods when it may not have been appropriate. One WWE source that I spoke to mentioned ‘Moose’ as somebody the company had interest in years-prior. TNA sources have been very outspoken about Moose wanting participation in the crossover. He has been courted by WWE numerous times, even at times when he probably shouldn’t have been. I mean obviously, being in the Royal Rumble, just being on WWE’s television is something I dreamed of as a kid, but as of right now, I’m loyal to TNA, I’m signed with TNA, I’m happy with TNA. But who knows? Jordynne [Grace] got the call to be in the Rumble. Who knows, maybe next year I’ll get the call, or maybe somebody else in our locker room could get the call. All praise to them, whoever that person is. The thing about our locker room, once somebody in our locker room achieves something so big as entering the Royal Rumble, it makes us all proud because we’re all TNA.

– Filed to GERWECK.NET: Piper Niven Addresses Social Media War With “Keyboard Warrior” Bully Ray

Back in March, WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray engaged in an exchange of insults with Piper Niven after Niven went to bat and defend tag team partner Chelsea Green. Niven detailed how the exchange began and what happened when they met face-to-face:

“He was giving my girl [Chelsea Green] some stick and I don’t play that. I’m a girl’s girl. He was giving my girl some sh*t and it’s not acceptable. Then I saw him backstage, and he didn’t want none. So keyboard warrior as expected. [So dinner is not on the cards?] “It would take more than a dinner date to make it up to me for the audacious remarks online. I won’t stand for the disrespect.”

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