Drew McIntyre on taking inspiration from his indie persona for latest WWE run

Jun 17, 2024 - by Steve Gerweck


Drew McIntyre has elaborated on his change in character and how he found influences in his time away from WWE and being able to be his true self:

“I go with what’s presented to me as well as what I feel. Creative-wise, we went a certain direction which allowed me to be more of myself, be more like Drew Galloway outside of WWE, a lot of stuff you’d have seen in ICW. Obviously with Drew McIntyre, big sword guy, there’s a certain line you can’t cross as a character to try and keep that character’s integrity.

There’s a lot of truth in there: For the past four years, up until the past nine months or whatever, there was a certain wall that hit where I couldn’t fully be myself because I’m one s**t-talking motherf**ker if you can believe me. But now I get to show everybody what’s inside, what’s going on, my true Scottish side. Everyone’s like, ‘Woah, where did these Twitter comments come from? These burns on the microphone?’ I was just like, ‘This is what we’re like in Scotland, this is how we talk to our friends most of the time in Scotland.’

So having that creative freedom from a storytelling perspective, the social perspective, and feeling like everything’s just open wide now and working so close with creative who have the mentality, with Hunter leading the charge, of nothing’s off the table is amazing. I wouldn’t say it was directly related to the contract or some other circumstance.

My mindset now is I’m going to do what I believe to be right, I’m gonna go so far over the line, you’re gonna have to pull me back and they’ve had to pull me back a few times. But I’ll never ever be pushed towards a line again.”

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