6/13/24 TNA Wrestling Recap

Jun 14, 2024 - by Steve Gerweck

Location: MegaCorp Pavilion in the Greater Cincinnati area
Commentators: Tom Hannifan, Matt Rehwoldt
Source; 411mania.com

Santana hits a single leg dropkick on in the corner and catches Wentz with a Death Valley Driver for two. Wentz hits a superkick followed by a double stomp on Santana’s back. Wentz hits a Swanton off the top rope for two. Santana and Wentz exchange kicks before Wentz hits a headlock DDT. Miguel gets in the ring but Maclin runs in and floors Miguel with a right hand. Santana hits the Spin The Block for the win.

Result: Mike Santana def. Zachary Wentz by pinfall

Tom Hannifan has a sit-down interview with Mustafa Ali. Ali says he is now walking down the path to greatness and he will make the X-Division great again. Tom Hannifan brought up him cheating and Ali says he is inspiring the next generations. Tom Hannifan brings up him bringing the X-Division title belt into the match and Ali brings up his PWI cover. Ali says he’s looking forward to returning to his hometown of Chicago. Tom Hannifan says he is ducking Mike Bailey and Ali loses his cool before Campaign Singh cuts him off.

The System is backstage and Eddie says he’s been at the Hardy Compound and bad things happen there. Moose says he’s not scared of Matt Hardy. Alisha says she is not sure about this. Masha walks up to her and speaks in Russian and Alisha says now is not the time. The Hex walks up to Masha and says a tag team not getting along would not happen with them. Masha speaks in Russian and walks away.

Marti Belle whips Masha in the corner and hits a running elbow followed by a running hip attack for two. Marti runs into the corner but Masha gets the boot up and hits a spinning heel kick for two. Marti rolls up Masha with her feet on the ropes but Masha kicks out. Allysin Kay tries to interfere but Masha clears her from the apron. Marti rolls her up with Allysin’s help for the win.

Result: Marti Belle def. Masha Slamovich by pinfall

Steph de Lander is backstage with Xia Brookside and Xia asks her if she’s decided what to do about PCO’s proposition. Steph says she hasn’t. First Class walks past them and AJ takes her rose. We see PCO behind them.

Gia Miller introduces First Class to the stage. Gia asks about Swan interfering to win the title and AJ Francis says that’s what friends do. Gia asks about the rose and AJ Francis says he has his own admirers. The lights turn out and when they’re back on, PCO shows up. They get into a brawl and the security takes away First Class.


Tasha locks a chin lock on Dani Luna and Dani elbows Tasha in the gut. Tasha hits an uppercut in the corner followed by a snapmare but Dani rolls her up for two. Luna hits elbows on Tasha. Tasha and Dani take each other out with dropkicks. Dani takes her down with clotheslines followed by a dropkick. Dani goes for a powerbomb but Tasha rolls her up for two. Dani hits a powerbomb for two. Luna goes for the Luna Landing but Tasha rakes her eyes. Tasha rolls her up for two. Tasha hits a Sliced Bread for two. Tasha goes for a submission but Dani gets her foot on the ropes. Tasha chops Dani on the ropes. Dani hits a Blue Thunder Bomb bouncing her off the ropes for two. Luna goes for the Luna Landing but Tasha counters it. Tasha goes for a cutter but Dani reverses it into the Luna Landing for the win.

Result: Dani Luna def. Tasha Steelz by pinfall

Gia Miller is backstage with Joe Hendry and Hendry says the System beat him down. Hendry says even he can admit if he can shatter the glass ceiling in TNA, he can learn a thing or two. He brings it Ace Steel who says he believes in Joe Hendry and can destroy the glass ceiling. Kazarian shows up and says kings are not taught, they’re born. Ace Steel suggests he faces Joe Hendry at Against All Odds and Kazarian agrees to it.

We see The System drive to the Hardy Compound. Eddie says he knows a way from the back.

We see The System walking from the back of the Hardy mansion and Matt Hardy welcomes them from the balcony. Matt Hardy shoots fireworks at The System. Brian Myers finds an action figure in the ground and picks it up. He finds himself at an arcade store and picks up another action figure off the ground. He finds a Matt Hardy action figure. He turns around and sees Matt Hardy but as he gets closer, he sees it is just a cutout. Matt comes out from behind it and does his pose and runs away. We see skeletons and hear commentary about his GFW run and losing streak and a skeleton wearing Edge’s tights spears him and knocks him out.

Eddie Edwards is walking in the forest and Matt’s son asks if he is a werewolf and Eddie says that’s behind him. Eddie sees the full moon and turns into a werewolf.

Alisha is walking through the mansion with the piano playing. Alisha walks up to Reby playing the piano. Alisha says her family is a bunch of freaks and their place is a house of horror. Matt’s kid gets angry and blows up stuff in front of Alisha’s face.

Moose is walking outside the Compound and Matt’s son tells Moose to follow him. Moose walks into Matt’s home and says Matt is a weird dude. Matt throws him into the wall and knocks him out. Alisha is locked into a guillotine and Reby drops the guillotine on her. Matt Hardy throws him into the Lake of Reincarnation. Moose comes out as a NFL player. Matt says he wants Moose at his best. Moose goes for a spear but Matt hits a Twist of Fate. The System get out of the Hardy Compound and says Matt Hardy is a dead man.

Before the match, George Iceman comes out and asks Jada Stone where she is from. She says she is from here in Kentucky. George tells her to get out of the ring and introduces Ash by Elegance.

Jada hits a Sunset Flip for two. Ash hits a back elbow and Jada hits a kick off the corner and goes to the top rope and goes for a moonsault but Ash gets her knees up and hits a clothesline followed by Rarefied Air for the win.

Result: Ash by Elegance def. Jada Stone by pinfall

George Iceman announces Ash as the winner as we see Rosemary watching from the balconies.

A Jonatham Gresham vignette and he says Sami says the jokes on him. He does the thumbs up, thumbs down.

Jordynne Grace video package and lists out TNA, WWE, MLW, STARDOM and says if they want to take the belt then they can face her at Against All Odds.

Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt run down the card for Against All Odds.

Bey hits a double stomp on Nic Nemeth. Bey hits a back elbow on Nic Nemeth. Bey tags to Ace and he chokes Nic with his legs. Nic gets out of it but Ace hits a dropkick and tags to Bey. Nic Nemeth tries to tag to Ryan but Bey picks him up and takes him in his corner and tags to Ace. Nic Nemeth tries to fight back but is shut down and Ace tags to Bey. They hits a double team flapjack followed by dropkicks for two. Ace gets the tag and he chokes Nic with his legs. Ace tags to Bey and Bey goes for a Splash in the corner but Nic avoids it and tags to Ryan. He hits a leaping clothesline and a neckbreaker for two. Ryan tags to Nic and he hits a Fameasser for two. Ryan gets the tag and Bey and Ryan take each other down with a clothesline. Ace and Nic get the tag. Ace hits a Side Russian Leg Sweep followed by a leg drop on Nic. Ace hits a superkick for two. Ace and Bey hit a kick and brainbuster combo and a pin which was broken by Ryan. Ryan hits a DDT on Ace and Nic hits a superkick on Chris Bey. Nic rolls up Ace for two. Ace rolls Nic up for two. Ace hits a face stomp for two. Ace and Bey go for 1-2-Sweet but Ryan grabs at Ace’s leg and Nic Nemeth hits the Danger Zone for the win.

Result: Nic and Ryan Nemeth def. ABC by pinfall

We finally got to watch the Hardy Compound segments tonight. Mike Santana and Zachary Wentz had a great match to start the show. Mike Santana is really getting to shine in this run as a singles wrestler and Tom Hannifan brought up him increasing his muscle mass to become a heavyweight. Tasha Steelz and Dani Luna got a good amount of time to show what they can do and they made good use of it. The Hardy Compound segment was entertaining.

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