Marty Jannetty ties the knot, Maria Kanellis launches her onlyfans account

May 27, 2024 - by James Walsh

– Billy Silverman posted:

Congratulations to my friends Marty Jannetty and Addie Galapon uniting in the bonds of Holy Matrimony! Service performed by their good friend Missy Leslie wife of Brutus The Barber Beefcake!

Maria Kanellis has opened an onlyfans account.

Kanellis has had a BrandArmy account for a few years now. BrandArmy is a lot like OnlyFans but has guidelines that prevents nudity. Velvet Sky was on BrandArmy but pushed that particular envelope too far so she ended up going the OnlyFans route.

Since joining AEW 2 years ago, Kanellis has not done a lot on AEW TV but was a regular on ROH TV and a backstage agent there as well. Her content on BrandArmy seemed to be less and less in recent months.

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