5/7/24 WWE NXT Results

May 7, 2024 - by staff

by Jeremy Thomas

* We kick off with a montage of Wes Lee’s NXT North American title reign and his willingness to take on all comers, to his detriment. We then see his promo from last year when he said he was injured and needed surgery and time. Lee says he had three ruptured discs and needed a three-hour surgery. He says he should have heeded all the warnings and flew too close to the sun, but he still rose from the ashes. He says the kind of the West Side has returned, and it’s time to get back to work.

* Lee is backstage being applauded by the roster and he heads out for his match. He says it feels good to be home but has one goal in mind.

Wes Lee vs. Josh Briggs

Briggs backs Lee into the corner and flings him, but Lee rolls up to his feet and dodges a charge. Lee into the ropes and gets knocked down, he dodges an elbow and locks up Briggs’ shoulders. Briggs gets a couple two-counts and stands but Lee gets him down, another two count and they break.

Lee dodges a stomp on Briggs and hits a jawbreaker and dropkick that sends Briggs to the outside. He leaps over the ropes, Briggs dodges and goes for a boot but Lee blocks it. Briggs nails Lee and rolls him in the ring to slow things down. Whip into the ropes — Lee with a rana that sends Briggs to the outside! Lee on the apron and leaps but Briggs catches him, gets him on his shoulders and charges to the corner but Lee slides off and shoves him into the post! Rana into the guardrail and Lee rolls him in.

Lee goes for the Cardiac Kick but Briggs with a backbreaker counter! Ivar is out to watch as Briggs hits a big splash, cover for two and we’re on PIP break.

Briggs was in control during the break and we come back with Lee in a bearhug. Lee tries to fight his way out of it and Ivar is now on commentary. Lee with elbows to the jaw and a knee lift to break the hold. Briggs grabs Lee by the hair and Lee strikes his way out of it, then hits a body shot and gets Josh to his knees — double stomp to the back!

Lee charges into the corner and is put on the apron, Briggs flips him in to a backbreaker. Off the ropes for a Boss Man Slam for a nearfall. Briggs talks some shit and Lee decks him, so he stomps Lee in the head. More shit-talking in the corner, Lee with a big kick to the jaw and an enzuigiri. Lee off the ropes — somersault kick sends Briggs to the outside! Lee dives through the ropes onto Briggs. Ivar gets up and Lee dropkicks Briggs into Ivar, then rolls him in. Lee goes up top, corkscrew splash for three.

Winner: Wes Lee (10:07)

Post-match, Ivar and Briggs brawl with each other. Lee goes up top and DIVES on them both! Oba Femi is watching with a laugh from the raised podium.

* Earlier today, Roxy survived the NXT parking lot as did Chelsea Green.

* We get a montage recap of last week’s NXT Underground match where Lola Vice beat Natalya after Shayna Baszler attacked Karmen Petrovic and Nattie went to make the save.

& Axiom and Nathan Frazer are being talked up by Hank & Tank as well as Tyson and Tyriek when the No Quarter Catch Club walk up and mock the latter team for losing their debut. Charlie says if they step in the ring with NQCC they’re in for pain, and Tyson says they’re ready for that. They walk off and The O.C. walk up and congratulate Axiom and Frazer for getting rid of all the Raw and Smackdown tag teams. Karl throws up the Two Sweet but they say they’re good and walk off. Gallows says that’s why they’re going to lose the tag team titles.

Shayna Baszler vs. Karmen Petrovic

Circle to start but Shayna takes a lean in the corner. She comes out and nearly gets kicked, backing up before locking up and putting Karmen in the corner. Karman charges out in the break but gets taken down with a waistlock. They get to their feet and Karmen with a spinkick.

Baszler to the outside and Karmen follows but gets manhandled, Baszler wraps Karmen’s arm in the ring structure and slams it. Back in the ring, Marmen sent shoulder-first into the corner as she favors the arm. Baszler works over the arm in the corner and then wraps the elbow and wrist up for some joint manipulation. Karmen counters with a roll-up for two but is immediately clotheslined after for a two-count.

Baszler goes right back to the elbowlock, Karmen fights out but gets knocked down. Karmen reverses a shove into the corner but Baszler takes back control and sets Karmen’s elbow up on the mat, stomping on it. Karmen fights back with a series of rapid-fire kicks and hits a knee in the corner, sweeps the leg and kicks her in the back for two.

Back up, Karmen into the ropes but hangs in, she hits a back kick to Shayna and goes up top — she leaps and Baszler catches her for the Kirifuda Clutch and that’s it.

Winner: Shayna Bazler (4:17)

* We get a recap of Fallon Henley turning on Thea Hail last week. Kelani Jackson is in the back and doesn’t get why she did it, saying she could have talked to anyone but didn’t. She says she nearly smacked Fallon during the combine. Fallon walks in and asks why she didn’t, and Kelani says she thought they were friends. Fallon says that’s the problem, she thought all about her friends but is out for herself now. It turns into an argument.

* We get a montage-style summary of the NXT Combine which included events testing speed, power, strength and conditioning. They included a sled push, a 10 yard spring, and an in-ring shuttle drill where they hit the ropes as Thea Hail and Kelani came out to the lead.

No Quarter Catch Crew vs. Tyson DuPont and Tyriek Iqwe

Dempsey and Borne are repping NCQQ. Alicia Taylor says that the ref for the match is unavailable (with Luca and the Family looking at her intimidatingly). Thus, the guest referee is…Stacks!

Born locks up with Igwe and backs him into the corner. Borne argues with Stacks and Igwe takes him down, tag in to DuPont for a splash off the ropes and a FAST two-count from Stacks. Borne takes over on DuPont and goes to tag in Dempsey, DuPont off the ropes with a spinning heel kick. Tyriek tags in and gets a two-count.

Dempsey tags over with a knee to the side and backs Tyriek into the corner, tagging in Borne. But Tyriek gets him in the hostile corner and tags in DuPont, who leaps off with an axehandle. Whip into the corner, DuPont goes for a splash but Borne dodges it and nails DuPont. My feed went wonky but DuPont with a sunset flip for a quick two.

Dempsey locks in an Octopus submission, but DuPont powers out for a back body drop. Tyriek tags in and takes out Dempsey and Borne, he comes off with a double clothesline and then powerslams Dempsey for a fast two. Borne dumped but he pulls DuPont out, Dempsey with a German suplex and bridge, Stacks with a VERY slow count for two. Dempsey is angry and shoves Stacks, who shoves Dempsey back into a roll-up for a quick three.

Winner: Tyson DuPont & Tyriek Iqwe (3:55)

* Arianna Grace and Chelsea Green are talking about Green behind here on either side of Gigi. Grace is happy Green is here and Green is happy that Grace is here. Grace says Green needs to win for every beauty pageant princess, and Green says she has to win for her and the locker room. They part ways and Gigi says she can’t take this anymore; she’s done.

* Roxy is interviewed about the match tonight and says Ava threw it together but it’s not about Ava or Chelsea, it’s about her. No one likes Chelsea here or on Smackdown. She sent Lyra packing and will do it to Chelsea too.

Michin vs. Arianna Grace

Grace talks shit to Michin and gets attacked, including a stomp to the foot. She knocks Grace down and hits a dropkick, then another fist to the face. Grace pulls Michin into the ropes and then hits a series of shoulder thrusts in the corner, judo throw and a suplex. Elbow drop gets two.

Grace works the arm and wraps her leg around it while standing to increase the pressure. She rolls Michin to the mat and tries to lock in the armbar, Michin blocks it and rolls Grace up for two twice, then picks her up to bomb her to the mat.

Michin runs over Grace a couple times and hits a dropkick. She charges into the corner with a big boot, puts Grace in another corner and charges but gets put on the apron. Shoulder to the gut, Mchine with a sunset flip but Grace sits down and grabs the ropes. The ref sees it, and Michin with a cover for two. grace tells the ref she’s ruining everything! Michin takes Grace down and then hits Eat Defeat for the three-count.

Winner: Michin (3:21)

* Trick WALKS backstage as does the Meta-Four with Lash’s envelope.

* Thea Hail thanks Ridge Holland for checking up with her last week and Ridge says he understands. Thea says Chase is talking to her about calming down but she has so much passion. Ridge says she reminds him of his daughter. Chase and Duke walk up and congratulate Thea on her win last week and Lexis King walks in calling Chase U losers. He makes a crack about Ridge’s daughter and Duke says he’s got it covered. He tells Lexis off and Lexis says he just made a mistake before leaving.

* It’s time for another episode of Supernova Sessions! Dar says that the dictionary defines “Trick” as a scheme, and on that note it’s time to invite their guest — but Lash points out he’s a very SPECIAL guest. Dar invites Trick out, and here he comes!

Dar welcomes Trick and tells him to take a seat. He says things are going well for him and it must be nice to be Trick Williams. He says they made him a special video to show Trick’s historic rise. It plays and we see Trick arrive at WWE HQ, followed by a montage of Trick showing up in NXT and then talking about how going into the new era he’s putting the brand on his back and NXT is in good hands.

Trick and Lash liked the video. Dar says of course they’re going to talk about it; they’re literally on a talk show. Ora and Noam goof off and Trick says he’s not here for the games; he just wants to see what’s in the envelope. Dar says this is his show and he decides when it happens. He asks Lash to reveal the envelope, and she says it’s time to reveal the truth. Jakara tells Lash to snap out of it and stand up. She shows a photo of Trick pinning Dar. Dar says that gave Trick the momentum to challenge Ilja, but that it shows everything is built on a lie. Dar says Trick is nothing but a no-good Trick and he’s going to expose him.

Trick stands up and Dar says he’s a scheme. Trick says that’s all they have for him? Ora points out that his leg was on the ropes and his title reign is flawed. Trick asks if he needs to smack Ora back to the motherland and says it’s a Trick question. He has no problem giving Dar a title match, all he has to do is ask. He says Lash is acting like it’s the Maury show and that Trick Williams is not the daddy. Dar asks what they’re talking about and Trick asks Lash if she wants to tell them or should he? They ask what’s up and Lash says “Babe — I mean, Trick!”

Trick says Lash has nothing to be afraid of, and to tell the people she calls him Trick Willy Wonka. Dar blindsides Trick and knocks him out, stars at Lash and grabs the title, raising it high as Lash looks on sadly.

* We go back to the Combine where they did a vertical jump and a broad jump. These segments corrolate the events with in-ring action. Next was a rotational punch measuring power and strength. Michin blew the competition away there, but Jaida Parker won this section as a whole.

* We hear snoring against a black screen.

* Karmen and Nattie are walking backstage and Karmen apologizes for letting Nattie down. Nattie says it’s okay and it’s about finding your edge. She says it’s about being the aggressor. A guy walks up and says don’t worry about the loss because she’s still a smokeshow and Karmen roundhouse kicks him. Nattie says that’s a start.

Kelani Jordan vs. Fallon Henley

Circle and lockup, Fallon puts Kelani in the corner and stiffs her. They trade waistlocks, Kelani with a takedown into a wristlock. Fallon eventually escapes and nails Kelani in the jaw. Kelani tries to talk sense but Fallon with a shot to the jaw. Fallon off the ropes with a shoulder block, into the ropes again but Kelani with a drop-toe hold and a dropkick. Handspring splash in the corner but Fallon slams Kelani back into the corner and stomps her down.

Kelani into the ropes, right into a hard shot to the jaw. Kelani misses a swing and Kelani nails a series of strikes and a flip legdrop for two. Kelani with a headlock, she brings it to the mat and Fallon rolls her onto her shoulders for one. Back to their feet, Kelani into the ropes and leapfrogs, lands on her feet from a back suplex and hits a spinning headlock takedown.

Fallon with a nasty neck snap across the top rope and slides out the bottom for an uppercut as we go to break.

We’re back with Fallon still in control as she snapmares Kelani down for two. Knee to the back and she throws Kelani down, then kicks her in the side. Fallon locks in a sleeper, Kelani gets to her feet but is clotheslined to the mat. Fallon covers for two.

Splash in the corner but Kelani dodges and gets Fallon on her shoulders; Fallon slides off and locks in the sleeper. Kelani tries to get to the ropes and is shoves back, she pushes off from the corner for a two-count. Fallon ducks a punch and goes into the sleeper again but Kelani breaks it and starts a comeback. She catches a kick and hits a stepover heel kick, leg slam and she handsprings off the ropes but Fallon kicks the leg.

Kelani eats a big boot, Fallon up top and leaps off to hit a suplex. Kelani is up and grabs a waistlock but Fallon grabs the ropes. She pulls the turnbuckle off and it hits Kelani. Kelani charges in and Fallon lifts her up and over, Kelani hits the exposed steel. Fallon charges in with a knee to the head for three.

Winner: Fallon Henley (11:02)

* Dempsey says that if the D’Angelo Family wants their Heritage Cup match and payment, fine. But the NCQQ has all the power, and it lies in the catch clause. Is it going to be him, Damon, Myles? He’ll have to wait for next week. How does it feel to hold none of the power?

* It’s time for the Strength portion of the Combine with the overhead medicine ball throw, which Lash Legend dominated. And Wren had a strong showing. The iso mid thigh pull saw Michin look impressive but Izzi Dame won.

Onto Conditioning where the conditioning gauntlet took place. Ivy Nile led the way. Every woman gave it their all, but which 12 women made the cut?

* Ava is asked who is advancing from the Combine. She announces Sol Ruca, Thea Hail, Jaida Parker, Brinley Reece, Michin, Fallon Henley, Lash Legend, Ivy Nile, Izzi Dame, Kelani Jordon, Tatum Paxley, and Wren Sinclair as competitors in the qualifiers, which begin next week.

Lexis King vs. Duke Hudson

Lexis goes on the attack early but is put in the corner to be battered. Lexis dodges a slap and hits some slaps and chops, but gets put back in the corner for body shots. King dodges one and hits some chops before talking shit to Thea. Duke sent across the ring but comes out with a clothesline. Bodyslam and a sidewalk slam follows for two.

King ducks a shot but Hudson ducks his own and nails King, then hits a double overhanded slap to the chest. He keeps talking shit to Thea, and Hudson chucks him to the center of the ring. Suplex by Duke, Lexis tries to flee but Duke grabs his foot. Kick by Lexis, who pulls Duke into the middle rope and takes over with strikes, a snapmare and some elbow drops. Cover gets one-plus.

King with chops in the corner and a boot choke, the ref calls for the break. Kind dives at Duke who moves, Duke with a sunset flip for two and a shot to the gut. Hudson batters King, whip into the ropes but King with a kick to the head and a takedown. Drive By by King and he slides out of the ring to argue with Thea. Chase backs him off — and here comes Ridge! Back in the ring, Duke nails King but Ridge tries to get in the ring. His chair is left inside and the ref and Duke take it to the outside, he turns around into a superkick and Coronation, that’s it.

Winner: Lexis King (4:15)

* Dar is asked about what happened in Supernova Sessions. He says Trick got his lights kicked out. They’re asked about Lash and they walk off. Je’Von walks up and is looking for Trick, they go back and forth a bit and the Meta-Four stalk off.

* Chelsea Green shares a look with Mr. Stone and WALKS. Roxy WALKS alone.

* Jazmyn Nyx says Thea Hail comes off as the girl next door, the spunky underdog, but last week she showed she’s an animal with no remorse when she shattered Jacy’s nose. She asks where the suspension is and if not for her, Thea would no longer be in NXT. She says Jacy is recovering from surgery and will do everything in her power to take care of Thea for committing such a crime.

* Thea is losing her shit about Lexis backstage when Ridge walks up and apologizes. He says they have every right to be mad at her, but Duke says they know it was Lexis. He buys them dinner and it’s even. Riley says a leopard never changes its spots though,a nd Ridge says if he has to earn their respect he win.

* They highlight HBK offering Drake and Kendrick Lamar a mediation at NXT. Yeah, that’ll happen.

NXT Women’s Championship Match
Roxanne Perez vs. Chelsea Green

Lockup to start, ROxy with a wristlock that Green drop-toe holds out of. Rollup by Chelsea gets two and Roxy is pissed. Lockup, Roxy grabs the hair and forces Chelsea into the corner. Green turns it around, Roxy up on the top and they break — Roxy with the slap! Roxy leaps off but Green ducks, into the ropes and Green slides to the outside, grabs Roxy’s leg and slams it into the apron as we go to PIP break.

Back from break and Roxy is in control, getting a two-count and then shoving Green’s head with her boot. She talks shit and goes for a Russian legsweep, Green counters and they trade shots. Roxy takes Green to her knees but Green counters with a kick across the ring and a Rough Ryder!

Roxy up but Green clotheslines her down a couple of times and hits a series of back elbows in the corner. Snapmare into a sliding Downward Spiral from the knees. They’re back up, Roxy knocks Green down and hits a basement dropkick. Green to the apron, Roxy goes after her but Green hangs Roxy on the top rope and hits a stomp to the head.

Green goes up top but Roxy with an enzuigiri, Roxy with a super-rana for two! Roxy stalks Green, who gets up in the corner and eats an uppercut and another. Third time and Green lifts Roxy who goes into the turnbuckle. Green up top, missile dropkick! Green covers but only gets two.

Green pulls Roxy up, goes for the Unprettier but Roxy counters, Pop Rocks but Green counters. Series of rollups for two-counts, Roxy off the ropes with a modified Pop Rocks for three.

Winner: Roxanne Perez (8:54)

* Outside, Tony D’Angelo beats the shit out of Damon Kemp and Myles Borne in the parking lot. He throws them in the back of his car and the D’Angelo Family drives off with them as Dempsey comes out, seeing himself alone with the Heritage Cup.

And with that, we’re done for the night!

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