Apr 20, 2024 - by Scott Porter

Coverage begins at 7pm for Rebellion.  Check back for ongoing results.  Mathew Rewholdt and Tom Hannifan are on the call from Vegas.


    Moose (c) vs. Nic Nemeth


    The System (Eddie Edwards & Brian Myers) (c) vs. Speedball Mountain (Mike Bailey & Trent Seven)


    Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Steph De Lander

  • TNA X DIVISION CHAMP Mustafa Ali (c) vs. Jake Something

  • “Settle the Score”


    Josh Alexander vs. Hammerstone


    Eric Young vs. Frankie Kazarian

  • Rich Swann vs. Joe Hendry
  • [Countdown to No Surrender Pre-show]


  • Spitfire (Dani Luna & Jody Threat) (c) vs. Decay (Rosemary & Havok)

  • [Countdown to No Surrender Pre-show]
    The Rascalz (Trey Miguel, Zachary Wentz & Myron Reed) vs. ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) & Leon Slater

  • [Countdown to No Surrender Pre-show]
  • TNA DIGITAL MEDIA CHAMPIONSHIP   Crazzy Steve (c) vs. Laredo Ki
Match 1.  The Rascalz (Trey Miguel, Zachary Wentz & Myron Reed) vs. ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) & Leon Slater
Trey and Reed start the match.  Reed backhand spring elbows Trey after kick to the head.  The Rascalz enter together after Ace tags in, they double him with kicks to head.  Slater tags in and leg drops Ace over the top rope.  Slater tags in and The Rascalz use some double teaming to slow his momentum abruptly.  Zack pulls Reed down by the hair and yanks him to their corner.  Slater tags in. Reed eventually gets to Chris Bey.  He and Ace both enter and they take out everyone.  The highlight move was a superkick/brainbuster on Slater.  Slater is saved by the Rascalz.  He double cutters The ABC.  He and Reed both dive to the floor on everyone.  All six men end up in the ring and start brawling.  The heels do an amazing inside out.  Slater then dives to the floor on everyone.  Trey metoria Slater, Zack dives and then Slater lands a 450 for a two count.  Bey and Ace hit the fold and art of finesse for two.  Bey lands a cutter on Slater.  Reed hits a swanton 450 on Slater and gets the pin.  WOW
Winners, The ABC and Reed.
First Class, AJ Frances and Rich Swann are interviewed by Gia Miller.  AJ brings out a group of backers he will have in his corner against Joe Hendry.  He says Joe is going down.
Match 2.  Laredo Kid VS Digital Media Champion, Crazzy Steve
Kid is all over Steve from the onset.  He attacks with kicks, punches and basement dropkicks.  Steve tries a few times to remove Kid’s mask.  He then cannonballs Kid in the corner.  He then goes back to the mask.  Steve then goes to work in the corner with punches.  He then locks Kid into the upside down, relenting the hold before the 5 count.  Kid counters with a punch dropping Steve to the floor.  Kid moonsaults onto him.  Steve gets back to his feet and pokes the eyes of Kid.  Steve starts biting Kid next.  He then misses a cannonball.  Kid follows up with two lariats, and elbow and a driver.  He gets a two count.  Kid goes to the top, but Steve catches him and superplexes him off the top.  Steve starts foaming at the mouth and scales the ropes.  Kid finds life and kicks him after climbing up too.  Kid then bites him and Spanish flies off the top rope and gets the pin.
Winner and New Digital Media Champion, Laredo Kid
Steph De Lander introduces The Good Hands as her backup tonight, as Matt Cardona is injured.
Match 3. Rosemary and Havok (Decay) VS Dani Luna and Jody Threat (Spitfire) with Lars Fredrickson
Luna and Rosemary start the match.  Luna suplexes Rosemary, but Rosemary follows up mounting Luna with punches in the corner, before biting her.  She then locks on an upside down.  Rosemary goes after Lars, and Luna capitalizes with a rack.  Threat tags in leading to a assisted basement dropkick.  They then deliver a double delayed suplex.  Luna and Havok end up in together next.  Havok challenges Luna to shoulder her, but Luna decides on a side head lock.  Havok then head buts her.  Luna back elbows Havok, but Havok still slams her and drops and elbow.  Luna starts kicking Havok’s legs.  Havok manages to suplex her.  Rosemary tags in and lays in the boots.  Luna punts Rosemary.  Threat and Havok tag in.  Threat ends up having to fight both Decay members.  She suplexes Rosemary from the ring and Havok misses a dive and ends up on the floor.  Luna and Threat dive onto her.  Havok blocks a suplex and rams Spitfire into the apron.  Decay then get taken out by a moonsault off the top from Threat.  Luna gets a two count on Havok.  Havok recovers.  Decay level Luna with a backbreaker spear.  Threat tosses Rosemary to the floor.  Havok catches Jody on the top.  Threat and Luna end up power bombing Havok.  After a double driver on Rosemary it is over.
Winners, Spitfire
Masha Slamovich comes out with Alisha Edwards come out with chains and a kendo stick.  A match is being set up between these teams.
Deaner comes out to the stop some protestors against Jake Something being allowed to compete in the X Division match.  Deaner is encouraged by the people to beat up the protesters.  Deaner then hypes up the after the beatdown.
Main Show
Match 1.  X Division Champion, Mustafa Ali VS Jake Something
Jake starts the match just tossing Ali around from a lock up.  Ali chops him, hurting his hand.  Ali tries to shake hands, only to have Jake squeeze it.  Jake leapfrogs Ali and then shoulders him to the mat.  Jake then backdrops Ali to the floor.  He follows out, but misses a chop, slamming the steps.  Jake then dives at Ali, but the champion turns it into a DDT.  Jake gets in the ring, only to get caught in a rolling neckbreaker.  Ali then dives on Something, hurling them onto the entrance ramp.  Back in the ring, Ali delivers another neckbreaker.  Ali connects next with a tornado DDT.  Ali lands a standing moonsault, but that ticks off Jake.  Jake catches Ali and powerbombs him.  Jake hulks up and deadlifts Ali up to the rack, into a backbreaker for a two count. Jake then goes to the top, but Ali low blows him.  Ali then Germans Jake onto the apron.  The secret service of Ali place Jake back in the ring, while distracting the ref.  Ali lands a 450, but only gets a two count.  Jake fires up again.  Ali goes to the floor to retreat.  Jake dives on him.  Back in the ring Jake flattens Ali with a punch.  Ali puts his foot on the bottom rope after a into the void.  Jake goes for a powerbomb, Ali rakes the eyes, rolls up Jake and uses the ropes to gain the win.
Winner and still X Division Champion, Mustafa Ali
Match 2.  Rich Swann (with AJ Francis) VS Joe Hendry
Hendry comes out with an AI version of his music video.  Swann and AJ are singing and dancing with his music.  The fans break out in a “We Believe” chant.  He says everything makes sense now, they are big fans.  AJ and Swann start losing it.  A “We Believe” chant breaks out.  The match finally begins with Swann using his speed to avoid Joe, but that eventually fails and Hendry gorilla presses Rich.  Swann bails to the floor.  AJ distracts Joe on the floor.  Swann throws Joe into the stairs and then rams his eyes into the corner of the steel.  Back in the ring, AJ clubs Joe from the floor.  Swann distracted the ref this time.  Swann then taunts the fans and mule kicks Joe in the face.  Hendry mounts a comeback, but Swann rakes his eyes again.  Swann then uses a bunch of karate kicks.  Hendry gets locked in a front bearhug, Hendry suplexes out of it.  He then knocks AJ to the floor.  Hendry then backdrops Swann into a full flip.  AJ then pulls him from the apron to the floor.  Shawn Merriman is at ringside and stops AJ.  He walks in the ring ready to fight.  Francis gets in the ring with him.  They push each other and AJ bails.  Merriman then clotheslines Hendry as AJ smiles.  Swann goes to the top and frogslams him for the win.
Winner, Rich Swann
First Class, their entourage and Merriman all celebrate post match.
Match 3.  Full Metal Mayhem, Frankie Kazarian VS Eric Young
This is the 18th FMM match.  EY hits Kaz with his metal mask to start off.  He then tries for a piledriver, that fails and he basement dropkicks Kaz on the floor.  They end up by a ladder on the floor.  EY uses it on Kaz’s head and then drops it on him, before placing it on the apron and barricade.  Kaz then throws EY into the ladder and sets up a table.  EY blocks a fade to black from the apron.  EY then hits Kaz who is dangling from the apron.  Kaz leg drops him and then dives in with a swinging DDT.  Kaz then launches a huge ladder at EY.  Kaz then slams him on it, but misses a leg drop.  EY puts the ladder in the corner.  He then throws Kaz into it, back first.  EY then slams a pan and trash can lid on Kaz’s head.  He then grabs board covered in nails.  Kaz pleads for mercy on this one.  EY misses it and they both try to push each others head into it.  EY ends up on the apron and Kaz dives threw the ropes and they crash threw the table.  Kaz pulls EY in the ring, but only gets a two count.  The two start punching each other from their knees.  They battle to their feet, going at it strong style.  They both go down, but each grab a baking sheet.   They start hitting each other with them.  They battle to their feet and pound on each other until they go down again.  EY lands a DVD on Kaz, but only gets a two count.  Kaz gets a chain.  He starts using it to choke EY.  He then uses the chain to further a chicken wing.  EY gets free and whips Kaz to the floor around the neck.  The then puts a trash can on Kaz and uses the chain to punch the can.  EY then drops an elbow from the top rope onto Kaz, still in the trash can.  Kaz recovers somehow and delivers an unprettier on the ladder.  He then stumbles to the floor for another table.  After setting it up in the ring, Kaz puts EY on the table, but EY recovers and crotches Kaz on the top rope.  Kaz then crotches EY on the top.  Kaz delivers a flux capacitor and it is over.  That fall was brutal.  EY is bloody as he hit the table badly on the corner of his ear.
Winner, Frankie Kazarian
Nic Nemeth is interviewed and said his dad is there to see him win the World Title.
Steve Maclin comes out.  He is not scheduled to fight, but grabs the mic.  He says he was given a new contract today.  He is holding the contract.  He says all his demands have been met except one.  He wants a match tonight.  Santino Marella comes out.  Santino says he also signed another new star.  He will face him.
Match 4.  Steve Maclin VS Mike Santana
Santana returns to TNA after a long run in AEW.  The two start brawling, but Santana lariats Maclin to the floor and hurls himself onto him.  Maclin then rams him into the post and tosses him back in the ring.  The two trade chops until Maclin whips Mike and elbows him into a backbreaker.  Maclin follows up with a huge clothesline.  Maclin locks on a rear chin lock.  Santana gets to his feet and the two trade blows.  Santana is placed in the corner upside down, Maclin misses a dive.  Santana delivers a rolling cutter.  He follows up with a DVD for a two count.  He goes for the STB, but Maclin hits a running knee and a headbutt off the top rope.  Santana slips a slam into a boot and cannonball.  Maclin kicks out at two.  Santana misses spin the block and Maclin slams him.  Maclin shoulders Santana with caught in the crosshairs.  Santana barely kicks out at two.  Santana blocks kia and lands STB to secure the win.
Winner, Mike Santana
The System, Moose, Eddie Edwards, Brian Myers and Alisha are interviewed backstage.  They talk briefly about their defenses tonight.  John Abraham is introduced and will be with Moose in some capacity tonight.  He played football with Moose is my guess.
Match 5.  Speedball Mountain, Trent Seven and Mike Bailey VS TNA World Tag Team Champions, The System, Brian Myers and Eddie Edwards (with Alicia)
Trent and Bailey end up double teaming Eddie after the champs tried to jump them.  Myers was disposed to the floor.  Seven and Eddie end up in the ring.  Seven plants Eddie again.  Now Eddie bails to the floor, leading Alisha and Myers to interfere.  Eddie then smashes Seven’s knee repeatedly into the steel steps.  Seven is now favoring the knee and Myers tags in and goes to work on it for several mins.  Eddie tags back in and taunts Speedball and the fans.  Trent manages a left jab that knocks Eddie to his feet.  Myers and Bailey enter.  Bailey comes in hot with kicks to Eddie and Myers.  He then gets a two count off a running shooting star on Brian.  He then punts Eddie off the apron and manipulates Myers to the top rope.  Bailey is knock off, but Seven takes his spot and superplexes Myers.  Bailey then lands a shooting star from the top, but only gets a two count.  Seven tags in, but Eddie interferes and tags in.  Seven chops him repeatedly, but Eddie tiger drives him and locks on a single leg crab on the injured knee.  Myers stops Bailey from interfering for a second, but eventually he delivers repeated yes kicks to break Seven free.  Bailey superkicks Eddie while Seven had him in a full nelson, into a dragon suplex.  Eddie pushes Seven into Bailey.  A backpack stunner/ elbow drop isn’t enough to put away Seven.  All four end up in the ring.  Bailey and Seven land the Burming-hammer into the Ultimate Weapon.  It still isn’t enough as Eddie saved Myers.  Myers spears Bailey after a Bailey dive to the floor.  Bailey is down.  Seven is left with Eddie and Myers now.  Roster cut/ Boston Knee Party and it is over.
Winners by pinfall, and still TNA World Tag Team Champions, The System
Match 6.  Last Man Standing,  Alexander Hammerstone VS Josh Alexander
The feud between the two will continue tonight.  They start punching and brawling and countering suplexes until Hammerstone and Josh each deliver a suplex.  Josh follows up by slamming Alex on the apron.  Alex catches Josh on the top rope and hurls him on the apron.  The spin took a stiff shot there.  Hammerstone follows out and drops him, neck first on the ring barricade.  Hammerstone then drops Alex with a stalled suplex on the floor.  The ref gets to the 7 count.  Josh refuses to give up, but Hammerstone tries to drop him on the apron again.  Josh slips free and half and half suplexes Hammerstone on the apron.  Alexander gets up by the 8 count.  Josh starts working the leg.  Then wraps it around the post repeatedly.  Alexander locks on the post assisted figure four.  Hammerstone then uses Josh’s old headgear (his stolen trophy from past matches) to open up his ear.  Josh is bloody, but gets to his feet at 9.  Hammerstone then delivers a fall away slam.  This time Alexander doesn’t wait for the count and pounds on Josh from the floor, while Josh hangs out of the ring.  Josh then punts Josh’s head, while pinned against the post.  Josh makes it up by the count of 9.  Hammerstone locks on the torture rack.  He then dumps him and the ref counts to 8.  He gets up laughing, Hammerstone punt kicks him, but Josh spins to an ankle lock.  He then starts pounding the knee on the floor repeatedly.  Josh puts Hammerstone in the tree of woe.  Josh crossbodies him.  The ref starts the count.  Hammerstone is up by 5.  Hammerstone blocks a C4, but Josh continues kicking him to the mat.  Josh pulls out a bag of thumb tacks.  Hammerstone is placed on top rope.  Josh goes for a superplex.  Hammerstone blocks it and headbutts him.  Hammerstone then nightmare pendulums Josh into the tacks.  Josh rolls out of the ring to stay alive at 9.  They both have tacks in their skin.  Hammerstone gets the headgear and starts to pound on Josh’s head with it again.  Josh half and halves Hammerstone and then C4’s him.  Hammerstone cannot get to his feet.  It is over.
Winner, Josh Alexander 
Josh reclaims his headgear and celebrates in the ring.
We get a Jonathan Gresham vignette next.  Gresham has been struggling with his multiple personalities.  His masked octopus persona is taking over his mind and body.
Ash By Elegance is introduced to the crowd as a spectator of the match.
Match 7.  Steph De Lander (with The Good Hands, Jason Hotch and John Skyler) VS TNA Knockouts World Champion, Jordynne Grace 
Steph attempts to use her height and weight from the onset.  Grace isn’t used to having a question whom is stronger.  Grace still manages to defend herself, but De Lander TKO’s Grace from the apron to the ring.  Cardona is apparently injured, thus The Good Hands.  De Lander uses her knee to drive the throat of Grace into the 2nd rope.  De Lander clubs the champion repeatedly.  Grace slips behind and locks on a sleeper.  De Lander cradle suplexes Grace.  Ash is shown having champaign in the balcony.  Grace skins the cat and knee drives De Lander.  She then drives her head into the mat.  Da Lander manages a suplex, Grace isn’t phased, but is taken down with a lariat.  Skyler talks trash on the apron.  Grace locks the sleeper back on.  She scissors the leg this time.  The Good Hands interfere.  De Lander gets the title belt, but accidentally hits the ref.   They all take out Grace.  The ref is out.  Hotch puts on the ref shirt and counts 3.  The lights go out, PCO is in the ring.  He takes out Hotch and Skyler with a double chokeslam.  He then lariats them from the ring.  De Lander approaches PCO and tries to seduce him.  PCO goes to chokeslam Steph.  Kon crashes the scene and takes out PCO.  Now Grace is up and pushes Kon.  Kon throws her to the ground.  From her knees, Grace crotches Kon.  Grace goes for a Grace-driver, but The Good Hands clip her leg.  Kon goes to snap her neck.  The lights go out again.  Sami Callahan is back.  He clears the ring.  The Death Machine cactus drives Hotch.  He then goes after De Lander.  He throws her to Grace.  Driver and another ref comes out makes the pin.
Winner and still TNA Knockouts World Champion, Jordynne Grace
PCO, Grace and Sami celebrate in the ring.
Main Event.  World Champion, Moose (and the System) VS Nic Nemeth, IWGP Global Champion
Nemeth’s father and Ryan, his brother are in attendance.  Nic also was ringside with brother at NJPW when he won the Global Championship.  His title is not on the line.  I like Nemeth being billed from his real hometown, mine too, Cleveland, Ohio.  (Not Hollywood)
Nic leg dives the champ and throws hands, before locking on a sleeper.  Moose gets free, but misses a dive and spills to the floor.  Moose then whips Nic into the corner post.   Moose then chops and punt kicks Nic.   Nemeth manages to backdrop Moose from the ring, he lands on the ramp.  Nemeth missile dropkicks Moose for a two count.  Alisha interferes, allowing Moose to jump Nemeth.  The ref saw it and kicks them out of the arena.  Nemeth superkicks Moose leading to a near pinfall.  He follows up with another sleeper.  Moose tries to roll free, but Nemeth holds on.  Moose backs Nemeth into the corner twice, but Nic won’t let go.  Moose is groggy, but mounts the ropes.  He falls back, finally Nic lets go of the hold.  Moose spills Nemeth to the floor.  He throws him into the steps next.  He then sets the steps up to do more damage.  He tries for a powerbomb, but Nemeth gets free and delivers a famouser from the ramp to the floor on Moose.   Nic then tosses Moose back in the ring and splashes him, followed up with a neckbreaker.  He drops repeated elbows. (9, Moose rolled out of the ring and the 10th was from the apron to the floor.)
Back in the ring, Nemeth drops another elbow, this from the top rope.  He can only muster a two count.  Moose blocks a superkick and gets a two count off a sky high.  Nemeth rolls up Moose twice for two.  Moose powerbombs him for a two count.  Moose sets up Nic on the ramp.  He powerbombs him.  This knocked out the feed for a second.  That was nasty.  Nemeth barely beats the 10 count.  Moose misses a moonsault.  Nic hits a famouser for two.  The two start exchanging punches mid ring.  The crowd is really into this and chant and boo with each punch.  Nic hits another famouser for a two count.  Moose gets two his feet.  They are both groggy.  Superkick and spear by Nemeth is only good enough for another two count.  Nemeth goes for the superkick, but Moose spears him and gets the pin.
Winner and still TNA World Champion, Moose
The System come out to greet the Champion.  There is a weird video package and the lights go out.  Broken Matt Hardy hits a Twist of Fate on Moose.  Hardy picks up the belt and holds it overhead.  The show ends.

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