Roderick Strong and Adam Copeland notes

Apr 17, 2024 - by Steve Gerweck

Roderick Strong vs. Fuminori Abe will face off on May 19th in Durha…

Adam Copeland figures he has a year and a half left of ring career …

Speaking to Brandon Walker of Mostly Sports, Adam was asked the question of the different runs between Edge of the WWE and currently Adam Copeland of AEW? Copeland stated that being off those 9 years (retirement) and going into acting, those skill sets came in handy while entering AEW. It’s the only difference. Even though he’s not as fast yet mentally, he feels healthier than ever. He doesn’t want to be that guy to the point that a younger wrestler goes, ” Ah, have to wrestle him tonight?” He still wants younger wrestlers to be excited when they get into the ring with him. That’s why he states he has a year and half left give or take. He would rather be a realist.

Source: Mostly Sports

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