Lia Maivia to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2024

Apr 2, 2024 - by Colin Vassallo

Lia Maivia, the late grandmother of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the last person to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2024.

Maivia is one of the first-ever female wrestling promoters with The Rock describing her as a trailblazer, protector, and the real final boss.

Real name Ofelia Fuataga Maivia, she was born in 1931 and ran the Polynesian Pro Wrestling in Hawaii as a territory for the NWA after her husband, the High Chief Peter Maivia, passed away. Maivia died of a heart attack at her home in Florida in October 2008 at the age of 77.

Her grandson, The Rock, will be inducting her during the ceremony.

Colin Vassallo has been editor of Wrestling-Online since 1996

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  1. bestofbothworlds says:

    This is seriously the weakest class. I know its not a real thing as they don’t have a building or anything for it, but seriously this is bad. Koko B Ware still isn’t the worst inductee when they started letting women in.

  2. Pisto75666 says:

    You’re so weak. LMAO

  3. USA #1 says:

    The woke mob are ruining everything. Once a prestigious HOF is now filled with nobodies to appease the woke. 🤦‍♂️

  4. USA #0 says:

    Shut up, far right neonazi!

  5. Joseph says:

    Is the WWE Hall of Fame a real thing? On one hand, they have no actual building that you can visit like the Rock n roll Hall of Fame. On the other hand, they take time to honor certain people. To me, that makes it real.

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