AEW media scrum news and notes

Mar 4, 2024 - by Steve Gerweck

Some notes from last nights AEW Media Scrum:

-Will Ospreay said it is hard to not swear on tv as he could say whatever he wanted in New Japan. Knows it’ll be different for America as he’s gonna focus on showing more of a personality and trying to connect to the fans. He says traveling back and forth from the UK to the US is easier than it was going to Japan as that was usually a 15 hour flight. Wants to be at AEW every week if possible.

-Toni Storm thanked Deonna Purrazzo and hopes she goes back to Impact and once again calls out Wendi Richter and says she will “F*** you up” and that anyone who wants her title can “**** off”. Storm put over Mariah May, but says she’s not quite ready yet. Storm says she fulfilled her promise of giving Purrazzo the “old” Toni Storm

-Tony Khan said that Sting never pushed to be undefeated or having a spotlight on him. He believes Sting outran time. He says the AEW World Tag Team Championships are now vacated and a tournament will be held to declare new champions. Tony Khan announced Darby Allin vs Jay White for Big Bu$iness.

-Sting says that the vibe were kinda there in TNA for having the “whole package”, but it wasn’t really there in WWE. AEW had a special feeling for him and after talking to TK, that feeling turned out to be right. Says the AEW brand just fit him. Sting says he and TK have talked about whats next, but he has no interest in being a manager or an agent, but they’ll talk about what he can do in AEW. TK says the door is always open and welcome. Doesn’t believe teaming with Ultimate Warrior would ever work out long term because they were “two roided out young men” who wanted to literally kill each other. Says he stopped taking roids in 1990, but Warrior didn’t.

Says his Revolution entrance came out to what he wanted it to be with the reaction from the crowd. Wanted to make the fans feel like they were going back in time. Says it came together beautifully. Sting says he had some resistance on going out undefeated, as champions and also winning the tag titles, but that it all worked out in the end and he’s happy with it all. TK wanted him to stay till Wembley, but Sting felt like it was time.

Sting had a meeting with The Young Bucks where he told them that this is up there with the top 3 matches in his career. He thanks them, Darby and TK and says this couldn’t be any better. Darby puts over Sting for giving it a chance during the pandemic when he didn’t have to. Darby has no regrets over tonight. Darby says he wanted to come to presser to let people know he’s still alive. He says he feels fine and as long as Sting, The Bucks, Flair and Steamboat are fine, then he’s fine.

Sting admits that even he was worried about Darby after the ladder spot. Doesn’t believe anyone missed a beat, despite Darbys hamburger meat on his back and between his sons, Darby and The Bucks, some of this makes him wanna stay around for Wembley, but thinks it would backfire. Darby says he has a doctors note to climb Mt Everest on March 27th.

-Tony Khan says 2024 is a very important year for AEW. Says he has great plans for the next couple of weeks for Atlanta, Boston and Toronto. He really put over those three specific cities. Says the run to the next PPV will be very special. Says he hopes to use more CMLL wrestlers and TK says he’s already asked if he can use Stephanie Vaquer. TK thinks March 2024 will be one of the best months ever for AEW.

source: Pro Wrestling Network

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