Sting praises Kenny Omega, Rhea Ripley wants WWE to return to Australia

Mar 3, 2024 - by Steve Gerweck

Sting praises Kenny Omega and says he’s the one guy who he would have loved to wrestle a singles match with in AEW: (via PWI)

“A lot of wrestling fans thought for sure that Darby was going to turn on me, or that I was going to turn on him! But you know, I would have loved to have had a match against Kenny Omega. Kenny is legitimate world champ material.

Obviously, he’s been AEW World champion, but, to me, sometimes how good he is goes underappreciated because he’s never been with WWE; some people think he doesn’t deserve his accolades. But he is one of the best all-around world heavyweight champions I’ve ever seen, one of the best in the wrestling industry.”

– After the victory, Rhea Ripley spoke with Alex McCarthy of Inside The Ropes.

She revealed that she talked with Triple H about a potential WWE return to Australia somewhere down the line. I already asked him! I hope we come back more, I really do, because I would… I mean… did you hear that crowd? They were amazing the entire show, and I feel like sometimes with crowds they get a little…over it just because they’re spoiled. They’re spoiled, come on America, you’re spoiled, you know it. So no, it’s really nice to be back and it felt like the Puerto Rico show for Zelina Vega, except this was my turn, so I hope that that little gremlin is sitting at home, smiling about how emotional I got, ’cause I know that she’s going to give me so much cr*p for it.

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  1. USA #1 says:

    Since when do divas have any say in WWE business? Who does this manly bitch think she is? WWE is an American company, honey! Deal with it or go back to your sh*thole of a country to ‘wrestle’ in front of your home crowd.

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