Shelton Benjamin talks Bayley, Kamille has made a decision about her future

Feb 21, 2024 - by Steve Gerweck

– Former NWA Women’s World Champ Kamille has announced she has made a decision on where she is going. In her latest YouTube video she said she had gotten offers from WWE, AEW and TNA. She ends the video in a cliffhanger without saying which promotion she chose.

Shelton Benjamin Says WWE Needs to give Bayley her Flowers (via Black Rasslin’ Podcast)

“This is to all social media. You need to be talking about Bayley a whole lot more. Don’t get me wrong, everyone’s hot on The Rock and Cody and ‘finish the story.’ But at the same time, I say, like CM Punk said, Bayley won the Royal Rumble, and all anyone is talking about is Cody’s story.

Give Bayley her flowers. I think she’s one of the most underrated girls on the roster. I feel like she’s underrated and underappreciated by the company, but not by the talent. We recognize what she is. Bayley should be world champion come April. That’s my personal opinion.”

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