2/2/24 AEW Rampage Recap

Feb 2, 2024 - by Michael Riba

The opening credits roll. Excalibur and Tony Schiavone are on commentary from New Orleans, Louisiana.

Match #1 – Tag Team Match: Private Party (Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen) vs. Top Flight (Dante Martin and Darius Martin) (w/Action Andretti)
Dante and Quen start the match and Dante delivers shots to Quen into the corner. Darius tags in, and he and Dante double-team Quen for a bit. Darius goes for the cover, but Quen kicks out. Dante comes back in, and Top Flight double-team Quen again. Dante goes for the cover, but Quen kicks out. Quen comes back and tags in Kassidy. Kassidy takes Dante down on the outside after Darius tagged in. Kassidy drops Darius with a cutter in the ring and goes for the cover, but Darius kicks out. Kassidy and Quen double-team Darius for a bit, and then Quen connects with a double stomp over Kassidy’s shoulders. Darius comes back with body shots to Quen, but Quen sends Dante to the floor. Quen gets a roll-up and grabs the ropes, but Andretti gets his hand off the ropes. Darius rolls up Quen for a two count as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Darius comes back against Quen and Kassidy. Darius sends Quen to the outside and kicks Kassidy in the head. Dante tags in and Top Flight double-team Kassidy, but Kassidy comes back with shots to both. Kassidy and Quen drop Dante with Silly String, and the Quen follows with a Shooting Star Press. Quen goes for the cover, but Darius breaks it up. Dante comes back and slams Quen down as Kassidy gets sent to the outside and Dante gets the pin fall.
Winners: Top Flight

Renee Paquette interviews Sammy Guevara. Guevara says things are personal with the Don Callis Family now, and he is coming for Powerhouse Hobbs.

Jeff Jarrett and his group are backstage. Jarrett says he is not wrestling tonight after Lethal says it’s time to train. Karen says she came up with a team name and then Satnam Singh makes fun of Lethal for losing all of his matches. Jarrett says Lethal is too nice of a guy, so he is running the meeting next week instead.

Darby Allin joins the commentary team for the next match.

Match #2 – AEW World Tag Team Championship Eliminator Match: Big Bill and Ricky Starks vs. Dark Order (Alex Reynolds and John Silver) (w/Evil Uno)
Reynolds and Silver double-team Starks as Uno grabs Bill’s ankle in the corner. Silver delivers shots to Starks in the corner, and then Reynolds tags in. Starks comes back with shots to Reynolds, but Silver tags in. Silver powerbombs Starks onto Reynolds’ knees and goes for the cover, but Starks kicks out. Starks comes back with shots to Silver, but Silver drops him with a German suplex and gets a two count. Reynolds tags in, but Starks gets free and tags in Bill. Bill drops Reynolds and Silver with a double clothesline, and then splashes then in the corners. Bill throws Silver to the floor and grabs Reynolds, but Uno gets on the apron. Bill kicks Uno to the floor, and then Reynolds sends Bill to the outside. Reynolds goes for a dive, but Bill catches him. Bill goes for a choke slam on the apron, but Reynolds counters with elbows and Silver drops Bill with a cannonball senton.
Reynolds slams Bill into the barricade, and then he and Silver slam Bill into the ring post. Reynolds gets Bill in the ring and kicks him in a face a few times, but Bill comes back with a Boss Man Slam. Starks and Silver tag in and Starks delivers a scoop slam. Starks delivers a back elbow in the corner, but Reynolds comes in with a kick. Starks comes right back with a kick of his own and delivers a sledge from the ropes. Starks runs the ropes, but Uno pulls him out of the ring. Starks drops Uno with a Spear, but Silver gets him in a back-slide. Starks gets free, but Silver delivers a few kicks. Starks comes back with a right hand and follows with Rochambeau for the pin fall.
Winners: Big Bill and Ricky Starks

Renee interviews Don Callis and Powerhouse Hobbs. Callis says he is tired of hearing about Guevara and his family, and then says Guevara may be medically cleared but he is not mentally cleared. Callis says Guevara isn’t hunting Hobbs, but Hobbs is hunting him. Hobbs says he knows exactly what he took from Guevara, and tells Guevara to check his track record. Hobbs says Guevara better hope he doesn’t find him first.

Match #3 – Singles Match: Queen Aminata vs. Willow Nightingale (w/Kris Statlander and Stokely Hathaway)
They lock up and Nightingale applies a wrist-lock. Aminata turns it into one of her own, but Nightingale comes back with a side-headlock. Aminata counters and takes Nightingale down, and then locks in another wrist-lock. Nightingale powers out and slams Aminata down. Nightingale drops Aminata with a shoulder tackle, but Aminata comes back with an inside cradle for a one count. Aminata goes for a kick, but Nightingale ducks and delivers a scoop slam. Nightingale goes for the cover, but Aminata kicks out at two. Nightingale delivers a few short-arm lariats and follows with a back elbow. Nightingale delivers a dropkick that sends Aminata to the outside. Nightingale runs the apron, but Aminata trips her up as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Aminata delivers a kick in the corner. Aminata goes for the cover, but Nightingale kicks out. Nightingale comes back with a back elbow, but Aminata delivers a headbutt and a German suplex. Aminata charges for a hip attack, but Nightingale dodges and connects with a cannonball senton. Nightingale delivers a Death Valley Driver and goes for the cover, but Aminata kicks out. Nightingale delivers the Doctor Bomb and gets the pin fall.
Winner: Willow Nightingale

Renee interviews Orange Cassidy and Best Friends. Cassidy says he asked for this time, because he knew Roderick Strong and his friends would interrupt. They count down, and then The Undisputed Kingdom walk up after a few seconds. Cassidy says Strong and his friends are doing things that are making he and his friends angry. Adam Cole says that sounds good, but Chuck Taylor is too injured to compete. Cole says it can be Strong, Matt Taven, and Mike Bennett against Cassidy, Rocky Romero, and Trent Beretta next week on Rampage. The Undisputed Kingdom leaves and Cassidy asks why Cole is in a wheelchair. Renee explains and they all put their hands in and then walk away.

Renee interviews Nightingale, who is still with Statlander and Stokely, but Saraya, Ruby Soho, and Harley Cameron interrupt. They all argue, and then Nightingale says they can settle it in the ring next week.

Match #4 – Eight-Man Tag Team Match: Angelo Parker, Christopher Daniels, Matt Menard, and Matt Sydal vs. Hechicero, Mascara Dorada, Mistico, and Volador Jr.
Dorada and Sydal start the match with a lock-up. Sydal goes behind for a waist-lock, but Dorada turns it around. Sydal comes back with a hurricanrana, but Dorada delivers one of his own. Menard and Volador tag in. Volador takes Menard down with a hurricanrana, and then follows with a thrust kick. Daniels and Mistico tag in, and Daniels applies a side-headlock. Mistico sends him off the ropes, but Daniels takes him down again. Mistico comes back with a handspring elbow shot and follows with a cross-body for a one count. Mistico takes Daniels down again, and Daniels goes to the floor. Daniels comes back in, but Mistico delivers a shot and follows with a kick in the corner. Hechicero tags in and drops Daniels with a dropkick. The CMLL guys triple-team Daniels for a bit after Dorada tags in. Dorada connects with a running Shooting Star Press and goes for the cover, but Sydal breaks it up.
Dorada chops Daniels in the corner a few times, but Daniels comes back with a kick and a back-heel trip. Parker and Menard come in and double-team Dorada and Volador. Sydal tags in as Menard and Parker continue to double-team Dorada. Sydal goes for the cover, but Dorada kicks out. Sydal applies a bow-and-arrow submission on Dorada as the show heads to a commercial.
Back from the break, Parker and Sydal double-team Dorada. Dorada comes back with a hurricanrana to Sydal and a corkscrew kick to Parker. Daniels and Hechicero tag in. Hechicero delivers a few shots and trips Daniels to the mat. Hechicero delivers a knee strike to Sydal and locks Daniels in a sleeper hold in the ropes. Hechicero delivers a diving elbow to Daniels, but Sydal kicks him in the head. Volador takes Sydal down, Menard takes Volador down, Menard gets sent to the outside, and then Hechicero locks Daniels in a submission. All of the other guys get into the ring and brawl, and then Volador and Mistico send Parker and Menard to the outside and dive onto them. Dorada takes Sydal down with am arm-drag to the outside, and then Dorada dives onto everyone. Daniels kicks Hechicero in the midsection and goes for Angel’s Wings, but Hechicero counters with a rising knee strike. Hechicero rolls Daniels around the ring, and then gets the pin fall.
Winners: Hechicero, Mascara Dorada, Mistico, and Volador Jr.

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