Thunder Rosa comments on returning to singles action

Jan 22, 2024 - by Steve Gerweck

“You seriously asking me that question? I left as a champion, and you’re asking me how do I feel to be back in the ring? I’ve been walking in the shadows for a long, long time. All of you girls say that you’re walking in the darkness, that you are lost, that you don’t get an opportunity. I was on the top of my career, and life and circumstances took away from me. Now, I have to come and work from the bottom to get back to the top.”

“I’ve been waiting for you guys to ask me a question. Where were you when I needed you guys? Where were you, to ask me the real questions? How I feel about being in the ring? I feel strong, I feel empowered, I feel like I never left. I never left. Just remember that.”

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