Seth Rollins suffers injury on WWE Raw

Jan 16, 2024 - by staff

PWTorch reports Seth Rollins suffered a legitimate injury to his left leg late in his RAW main event win against Jinder Mahal.

Multiple sources backstage at RAW say that he was helped in the back and eventually put weight on it. He is walking on his own, but with a definite limp.

He will be further evaluated to determine the severity of the injury.

4 Responses

  1. dooman says:

    that what happens when your talentless good job hope your out for 3-4 years

  2. Steve says:

    You are an extremely sad person, if you want person who makes their livelihood wrestling isn’t able to for a while..

  3. Simba says:

    Disgraceful behaviour. The man devotes his life to wrestling and to his fans. Doesn’t matter if you aren’t a fan of him or his (fictional) character, he’s at the peak of his profession and that’s more than even your own mother would say for you. Grow up and be better.

  4. dooman says:

    i stand by my comment this man offers nothing to the entertainment world hope its career ender then i’ll start watching raw again

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