Rhea Ripley on the evolution of her WWE character

Dec 26, 2023 - by James Walsh

Rhea Ripley talked about the evolution of her character in WWE over the years…

“I think it’s all about being yourself. For me, when I first came in for the first May Young Classic, I had the long blonde hair. I smiled way too much. Way too bubbly. It wasn’t me. The person that you see today is the person that I was back then. But I was trying so hard to be someone else because of obviously the people that I watched growing up. I thought that’s what they wanted. So that’s what I gave them. I didn’t feel comfortable and after a while, I wasn’t getting put on shows. I wasn’t getting opportunities, I was getting beat down and picked on. They didn’t think I worked hard enough. But I was just trying to give them what I thought they wanted, but at the end of the day, the best thing you could do is just be confident with the person that you are. So once I decided not to care what people thought about me. I was like, ‘I’m going to be myself.’”

“Cut my hair short… And once I did that and started wearing the long pants with the chains and the studs… Changed my persona, came out and I was just mean mugging everyone, beating everyone up. ‘This is my brutality,’ it’s not even a joke. It’s what I did. That’s when my career really started rocking and rolling. And the Rhea Ripley evolution that you have seen into the Rhea Ripley that you see today is just me growing as a person outside of the WWE and I’m just letting it shine through within the WWE sort of thing. So, it’s me. And I think that’s what the fans see and that’s what gravitates them towards Rhea Ripley.”

(quotes: WrestleZone.com)

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