Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks reacts to his wife leaving AEW job

Dec 26, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks reacted to the news of his wife Dana Massie leaving her position of AEW Chief Marketing & Merchandising Officer in a post on Instagram.

“End of an era. You were in the first conversations, when this was all only an idea. One of the main builders of our empire,” Jackson wrote. “Always positive in at times was a thankless job.”

Jackson noted that he is glad Dana got to do it all and she is leaving on her own terms and by her own choice.

“It’s been fun working with you. See you at dinner,” Jackson added.

It was alluded that AEW tried to hold on to her services by offering her a new contract but she decided to depart the company instead.

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