Punk’s lawyer reveals that Brawl Out NDAs are for life

Dec 23, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

Speaking on the Wrestling With Rip Rogers podcast, CM Punk’s lawyer Stephen P. New revealed that everyone involved in the Brawl Out saga last year have non-disclosure agreements for life, excluding one person.

That means that CM Punk, Ace Steel, The Young Bucks, and Kenny Omega, who were all part of the biggest story of 2022, cannot legally speak about the incident for as long as they are alive. However, one person who was in that room when the fight happened and who does not have an NDA is Ace Steel’s wife Lucy.

“So maybe, one day she could tell us the story,” New said.

The Brawl Out fight took place after the post-show press conference at All Out in Chicago. Punk slagged off on the members of The Elite during his portion of the press conference and then was confronted by Omega and The Bucks in his locker room for a huge altercation.

Punk was suspended and stripped off his AEW World title, The Bucks and Omega were suspended and stripped off their Trios World titles, and Steel was fired, and later brought back.

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