Jim Ross gives an update on his health condition

Nov 20, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

AEW commentator Jim Ross continues to heal up from his skin cancer while staying at home and off the road.

JR said that he still has several weeks before he can return to work as being at home and avoiding traveling will help his healing faster.

On his latest episode of Grilling JR, the WWE Hall of Famer said that he had a busy week visiting doctors to get “little things taken care of,” although he admitted they aren’t really little things if you don’t take care of them.

“Hopefully it will work out. I had a long doctor’s meeting yesterday, over two hours, so just trying to get better,” JR continued, adding that getting old is the “sh-ts.”

JR announced at the beginning of this month that he was taking a leave of absence and confirmed that his deal with AEW runs out in a couple of months but Tony Khan wants him to stay on.

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