AEW Collision Results 11/17/23

Nov 17, 2023 - by Atlee Greene

-AEW Collision Results 11/17/23

Tony Schiavone starts the show with an in-ring interview with TNT Champion Christian Cage, who comes out with Nick Wayne and Luchasaurs. Schiavone announces a four-way match on Collision featuring Penta, Komander, Brian Cage, and Trent Beretta, where the winner faces Christian for the TNT Title this evening on Rampage.

Christian takes the mic, then orders Schiavone to hold the mic, says Full Gear will be Sting’s last match ever, and claims Sting has been stealing a paycheck for the last 15 years. Christian says he is here for Darby Allin when he loses his father figure in Sting. Christian says Ric Flair will get a come to Jesus moment if he gets in his way and warns Adam Copeland to stay out of his way.
Christian says Copeland was coddled all his career while he had to scratch and claw his way to the top and asks Beth to let the kids watch because he will break her husband’s neck. To end the interview, Christian quoted LA Clipper star James Harden saying he doesn’t work within a system. He is the system.
Backstage interview with AEW Tag Team Champions Big Bill & Ricky Starks. Starks said it’s not fair they can lose the belts tomorrow at Full Gear without being pinned, so Tony Khan allowed Starks to pick the match stipulation. Starks picked a Ladder Match because Big Bill is the tallest man in AEW.
-Miro vs. Daniel Garcia
Miro toys with Garcia briefly before stomping him out in the corner. Garcia is trying to wrestle a technical match, but Miro uses his power to counter Garcia at every turn. Miro goes to mock Garcia’s dance, leaving him open to attack, landing several kicks. Miro catches Garcia off a crossbody and sends him crashing to the canvas.
Garcia goes to the floor, and Miro climbs the ropes and taunts the crowd. Miro whips Garcia into the barricade but misses the charge as Garcia moves out of the way. Garcia lands several kicks and celebrates with the crowd, leaving him open for a vertical suplex. Miro tosses Garcia into the ring and applies a rear chin lock.
Garcia escapes, hits a chop block, and hits a few more to back Miro into the corner. Garcia hits the double knees in the corner and lands a running dropkick. Garcia hits two more running knees but gets caught with a superkick while running in for a fourth knee. Garcia hits several open-hand slaps, catches the leg, and hits a side belly-to-back suplex.
Garcia goes to do his dance, but Daddy Magic runs down to break it up. Miro gets pushed into Magic, allowing Garcia to apply the sharpshooter. Miro powers out, yells Game Over, hits a superkick, and applies his submission (Game Over) for the win.
Winner via submission: Miro
Backstage interview: Andrade’s new manager, CJ Perry, has entered him into the Continental Classic, and he will be paid extra money if he takes the invite and even more money if he wins the tournament. Andrade seems surprised but agrees to enter the tournament, saying he trusts Perry.
-Kings of the Black Throne (Brody King & Malaki Black) vs. The Boys
Peacock power was no match for Brody King and Malaki Black. It was quick. Brent was tossed outside, and Brandon got laid out with Dante’s Inferno to take it home.
Winners: Kings of the Black Throne
-4 Way Match: Trenta Baretta vs. Komander vs. Brian Cage w/ Prince Nana vs. Penta El Zero Miedo 
Penta gets right in Cage’s face but gets pie-faced for his trouble. Cage tosses around Penta and Komander before they double-team him. Komander hits a running dive on Cage to the floor. Penta goes to do the same, but Trent cuts him off and follows up with a running knee. Komander hits Trent with a springboard dropkick.
Cage suplexes Komander from the ring to the floor, taking out Penta and Trent. Cage slams Komander on the apron and poses in the ring. Cage hits Komander with a 619 and knocks Penta off the apron. Trent hits Cage with a running dropkick. He goes for it again, but Cage moves and side-suplexes Trent out of the corner for a two-count. Cage sends Trent upside over into the corner (Flair bump) and delivers a pump handle slam.
Penta and Komander double-team Cage with dropkicks and an assisted cannonball. Trent hits Komander with two high-angle German suplexes. Penta breaks it up, and Trent gives him two Germans for his trouble. Trent can’t German Cage but hits a poisonrana. Cage gets up and levels Trent with a discus lariat. Cage victory rolls Penta into a Candian Destroyer on Komander.
Penta hits Trent with Made in Japan for a nearfall. Penta takes out Cage with a dive to the floor. Komnander does the same to Penta and goes after Trent. However, Trent hits Storm Zero for the three count.
Winner: Trent Baretta
Trent Baretta will face Christian Cage for the TNT Title tonight on Rampage.
Backstage interview with Don Callis and Powerhouse Hobbs, who brag about Hobbs slamming Paul Wight on a car on Rampage. Hobbs says he’s big, black, and jacked and tells Wight to stay away because anyone can get it.
-Wardlow vs. Evan Daniels
Wardlow jumped Daniels before he could even have his name announced. Powerbomb, Swanton bomb, powerbomb, and the referee stops the match. Wardlow leaves just as quickly as he enters the ring.
Winner via ref stoppage: Wardlow
The commentary team runs down tomorrow night’s Full Gear card.
-Dax The Axe vs. RUSH w/ LFI
Ricky Starks comes out for commentary, with Big Bill standing by. Starks calls him “Strokedaddy” because he’s the smartest man in AEW for getting the ladder match stip added to the pay-per-view match.
No Wheeler with Dax.
Rush and Dax chop away at each other until Dax hits a flying forearm, knocking RUSH to the floor. RUSH counters Dax with a backbody drop to the floor and continuously throws Dax into the ringside barricade. They exchange some more chops until Dax changes up with fists. RUSH chops away some more until Dax falls into the corner. RUSH hits the faint kick and poses in the ring as Dax rolls to the floor.
Jose hits Dax a few times as RUSH distracts the referee. Dax comes back with more chops to a seated RUSH. The action is back in the ring as Dax drops RUSH with a right hand, but RUSH comes back with the three amigos for a nearfall. Dax blocks a suplex and hits two Germans. RUSH blocks a third German and drops Dax with a shot to the back.
RUSH perches Dax up top, hits several chops, and delivers a superplex for a two-count. RUSH picks up Dax, and they chop away at each other once again until RUSH hits what looks like a knockout blow on Dax. However, RUSH hits the canvas, and both men beat the referees ten-count. Dax hits a couple of clotheslines, but RUSH comes back with a belly-to-back suplex.
Starks loves it because the beating both men and giving each other will make it easier for him and Big Bill to retain the tag team titles tomorrow night at Full Gear. RUSH and Dax fight on the floor, but RUSH gets distracted by Starks, and Pie faces him. RUSH is about to give Dax the Bull Horns, but Starks comes in and spears RUSH while Big Bill attacks Dax. The referee called for the bell.
All eight men in tomorrow night’s four-way ladder match come out and brawl in and around the ring as security eventually breaks it up. Brody King and Big Bill had a staredown, being the two biggest wrestlers in the match.
Result: No Contest

Backstage Interview: Roderick Strong and The Kingdom interrupt Action Andretti’s interview. Andretti told off Strong, and Strong yelled at him, stating Andretti was his next victim.

-Buddy Matthews vs. Wheeler Yuta
Great technical wrestling exchanges to kick things off. Yuta tries to bait Matthews by daring him to take his leg for a takedown. Matthews takes the bait and gets sent to the floor. Yuta follows but gets thrown into the ringside barricade for his trouble. Matthews seats Yuta in a chair and drills him with a running pump kick. Yuta powered out of a heatseeker attempt on the apron but got long darted off the apron into the commentary table.
Matthews controlled Yuta throughout the commercial break. He pulls Yuta up by his beard and hits two spin kicks to the midsection. Yuta fights back with forearm/chop combs, but Matthews knocks him down with one shot. Matthews blocks a German suplex from Yuta and hits several more boots. Yuta pulls himself back into the ring, delivers a German suplex, follows up with a tope sucida, and connects with an Angle Slam for a two count.
Both men are on the apron. Yuta attempts a German, but Matthews pushes him into the turnbuckle post. Yuta gets front-suplexed on the top turnbuckle. Matthews goes for a suplex, but Yuta blocks it, leaving Matthews balancing in between the ropes, allowing Yuta to deliver a frog splash from the top rope. Yuta perches Matthews up top and climbs up, but Matthews slides down, hits a running powerbomb for a two-count, and delivers a curb stomp for the three-count.
Winner: Buddy Matthews
Post-match saw Matthews go for a chair to beat on a defenseless Wheeler, but Claudio Castagnoli came out, and Matthews bailed. Claiduo takes the mic and challenges Matthews to a match at Full Gear tomorrow night if he can get Malaki Black’s permission. Matthews accepts, and we have another match for the pay-per-view.
Tony Khan made Castagnoli vs. Matthews official for Zero Hour.
-Saraya & Ruby Soho vs. Kris Statlander & Hikaru Shida
Soho and Shida start things off. Soho reverses a belly-to-back suplex into a headlock takeover. Shida hits a throwaway slam and tags in Statlander, who hits two leg drops for a two-count. Statlander catches Saraya coming in off the tag with an arm drag. Julia Hart is watching backstage as Statlander suplexes Saraya and Soho at the same time. Shida suplexes Soho into Saraya, who is down in the corner. Skye Blue is also watching backstage. Shida attempts the ten punches in the corner, but Soho breaks it up, sending Shida crashing to the mat.
Soho and Saraya work over Shida during the commercial break. A couple of spots behind the ref’s back and a Statlander tag the ref didn’t see. Shida reverses a vertical suplex attempt with one of her own. Cool Hand Ang is watching the match from the front row as he is the assumed secret admirer of Ruby Soho. Shida hits an enzugiri and tags Statlander. Soho runs in, but Statlander is cleaning house with clotheslines, running knees, and a blue thunder bomb.
Soho throws Statlander, who is wearing a Ruby Soho shirt, into the part of the barricade where Cool Hand is sitting. Soho is distracted by Ang, giving Statlander the opening to regain control. Statlander and Shida set up Soho for a Doomsday Device, but Soho reverses it with a poisionrana on Statlander. Shida wipes out Soho with a question mark kick. Saraya goes after Shida, but they take each other out with a double crossbody.
Shida gets sent into the ropes and hits Soho with a running knee. Ang jumped over the barricade to help Soho. Saraya caught Shida coming off the top and hit a DDT where Statlander broke up the pin. Saraya saw Ang and Soho talking on the floor, which she did not like at all. Statlander wiped out Ang with a clothesline, and Shida caught Saraya with the Katana Kick for the 1-2-3.
Winners: Kris Statlander & Hikaru Shida
Tony Schiavone sitdown Interview with MJF
Schiavone asked MJF why is he defending the ROH tag titles by himself. MJF said he made a promise that the belts would be waiting for Adam Cole when he comes back from injury, which he says is his fault. MJF says Jay White is insecure and will beat him at Full Gear because “NO ONE IS ON THE LEVEL OF THE DEVIL.”
MJF ranted about the likelihood of all his accomplishments, calling them slim to none, but he likes those odds.

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