JD McDonagh finally joins Judgment Day officially

Nov 14, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

It took a while but JD McDonagh has finally made it as an official member of Judgment Day.

The Irish star has been loosely aligned with the faction unofficially since May of this year, often appearing with Finn Balor and trying to get in, but resistance, especially from Damian Priest, prolonged that process.

It was Rhea Ripley who yesterday ordered McDonagh to be installed as part of the group and Priest handled the honors.

McDonagh will join the rest of the group at WarGames at the Survivor Series in two weeks time. Speaking of WarGames, next week, a WarGames advantage match will take place to see which team will get the early advantage in the match with all eight man going against each other in a four vs four match.

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