Notes on Giulia, Chris Jericho, and Malakai Black

Nov 6, 2023 - by staff

– There is massive WWE interest in New Japan Strong Women’s Champion Giulia, 29, PWInsider has confirmed. One source stated that talks are far enough along that Giulia is expected at the WWE Performance Center sometime this month

Malakai Black (Tom Budgen) will be in the upcoming movie “Action Force”. Filming will start up in 2024.

– Speaking with Tokyo Sports, Chris Jericho shared his thoughts on AEW potentially expanding into Japan.

“The emphasis is on the growth of the organization itself and how much of an impact we can make. That’s why we gather the best wrestlers from all over the world. In terms of growth, we recently had 81,000 people at Wembley Stadium in London, England.”

“I think it is natural for AEW to come to Japan, since we have our expansion outside of Japan in mind, and I think that something like an AEW raid on DDT or New Japan will happen in the future. That’s why we are strategically focusing on developing young wrestlers and showing the fans something new.”

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