Mark Henry on AEW firing CM Punk: “The problem is gone ”

Sep 4, 2023 - by Steve Gerweck

Mark Henry on AEW firing CM Punk: “The problem is gone — The problem is solved.”

“Now, you can freely go and there will be no more complaining. There should be no more complaining. The problem is gone. The so-called problem is. Everything should be shits and giggles and unicorn pee and rainbow blankets. That’s what it should be now. I’m curious to see how it’s going to be. The problem is solved.”

Bully Ray went on to compare Punk leaving to Rodman Leaving the Chicago bulls

“When Rodman left, the team got worse. When he left Chicago, they got worse. San Antonio, they got worse. Detroit got worse when he left because he was a defensive stalwart. ‘I’m gonna go against your best player and I’m going to make his life miserable. It’s going to affect his offense.’

As far as Punk is concerned, it’s not the offense affected, it’s the money, the gates, the live events, the brass tax dealing with licensing products and merchandise money coming in. Money is going to be affected. Still, everything is solved now. The problem is gone, and there should be peace and prosperity in life,” said Henry.

Henry stated that he didn’t know what happened backstage at All In, but that details of it were quickly out and details have continued to come out.

“There have always been stooges and moles,” said Henry. “You want to nip that in the bud and put punishments out there for it. If you find out this person did this or leaked that, how can you trust that? You have to have hard punishments for that. I don’t think there is. I think people feel they’re going to get a slap on the wrist if anything, so they’re going to keep exposing what happened behind the scenes. It sucks.”

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  1. WrestleFan says:

    Honestly, I’m gonna disagree with Mark Henry.

    The problem is, when TK allows his EVPs to play around like they own the place.

    I mean, it’s been proven that the Young Bucks were allowed, for around a year, to run a smear campaign against Punk. If this were an ideal, professional world, Matt & Nick would’ve been gone from AEW years ago.

    In the end, I think TK’s going to have the specter of allegations he lets TYBs run around like they own the place & do whatever they want without consequence. Whether or not that’ll eventually come back to bite AEW in the rear will be seen in time.

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