WWE and Endeavor shares plunge after Saudi Arabia invests in PFL

Aug 31, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

WWE and Endeavor shares got hit big time today after it was announced that Saudi Arabia invested $100 million in the PFL: Professional Fighters League.

As of this writing, WWE shares plunged 13% following a near-5% drop yesterday while Endeavor dropped a further 10%.

WWE has a 10-year multi-million dollar agreement with the Saudi kingdom and get approximately $50 million per show every time they perform there. WWE goes to Saudi Arabia twice a year.

The Saudi investment in PFL is seen as trying to mount competition with the UFC. The UFC has never done shows in Saudi and Endeavor always resisted going there.

WWE and UFC will merge under the TKO Group Holdings Inc umbrella next month, owned by Endeavor.

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  1. WrestleFan says:

    Surprised that neither of Gerweck’s resident Stamford marks (the resident Trumper, DB, & even Woooo!’s newest trophy, Luke) has tried leaving a comment for this article attempting to explain how “supposedly” WWE’s shares dropping as much as it has is actually a good thing for WWE (hint: it’s not. Only someone with their head up VinnyMac’s rear would believe garbage like that).

    But then, after the rear-kicking Woooo! gave to Luke in the other thread, maybe Luke has finally wizened up and realized he’s better off not drawing attention to himself in case history repeats itself with him again.

  2. Luke says:

    I’ll try again, maybe this time it’ll hit: I don’t care. WWE can go under tomorrow, I still won’t care. I’ll be surprised, but I won’t care.
    Now, as far as the other thing, if putting words in someones mouth and declaring yourself the victor just because is your idea of getting a “trophy”… Hey, who am I to argue. We all have our own standards. I can only wish I had yours, your life is much easier…
    By the way, I forgot you existed.

  3. Joseph says:

    @WrestleFan – Let me see if I get this straight. You comment on this posting and even though no one else has commented, you feel the need to bring DB and Luke into it. How pathetically sad. I can see replying to a comment they made, but to just bring them into it is honestly quite sad to me and I have to wonder. how much does it cost for them to live in your head?

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