Mickie James confirms that Nick Aldis is Shadowing to become a WWE producer

Aug 25, 2023 - by James Walsh

Mickie James is proud of her husband, Nick Aldis.

The former multi-time women’s champion spoke about the National Treasure during a recent interview with MuscleManMalcolm, where she confirmed that Aldis is currently with WWE shadowing to become a producer. James says she is happy for Aldis and puts him over for being an incredible wrestler, father, partner, and more.

He’s been shadowing there, but he’s never produced me. I do think that he’s going to be an incredible producer if that works out and they love that and he loves that. I also believe in my husband in anything he does, and I think he’s an incredible wrestler, an incredible champion, an incredible artist with everything he does. He’s a professional, an incredible businessman with legacy supplements. An incredible dad, an incredible husband. I’m always going to toot his horn, but I feel it comes off as very biased when I say it.

She later adds how grateful she feels that Aldis gets to show WWE what he’s made of, and hopes he knows that even if he doesn’t like it he will continue to do great things in the industry.

I’m really grateful he has this opportunity, and if he takes it, I hope it’s because he loves it and they love him. If they don’t and he doesn’t, I just know the wonderful things he’s going to do.

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