Construction for All In starts at Wembley Stadium

Aug 23, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

AEW has taken over Wembley Stadium and construction of the ringside area has commenced.

An image taken from inside Wembley shows the canopy being constructed which will cover the ring and hold the lighting rig. Wembley Stadium has no roof but the 133-meter-tall arch that sits above the stadium will surely play its role in making this a very memorable event.

The canopy is supported by four big metal structures which judging from the photo do not seem to be obstructing much of the view.

With over 80,000 tickets distributed, the Wembley floor will be covered with seats and to make use of the full stadium, AEW opted not to have a big stage but rather use an entrance-way similar to what WWE uses for non-WrestleMania stadium events. Using a big stage would have required a large section of Wembley to be covered and seats lost.

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