Eric Bischoff on AEW: “They have an opportunity to take a giant leap forward”

Aug 20, 2023 - by James Walsh

Eric Bischoff gave his thoughts on various topics on the latest episode of his Strictly Business podcast.

During it, Bischoff talked about AEW not promoting matches well ahead of All In on August 27th.

The promotion started to announce the matches a few weeks ago, and well after they had sold the majority of the tickets they put out.

“It’s the brand that sold those tickets—Eighty thousand of them, by the way, or more. And I think that is a fantastic accomplishment. And I think, yes, it’s different. I understand that the audience is used to seeing more build. I get that. And what I would love for people to do is wait and see, wait and see how this event comes off before you decide it was done improperly. Right. And I know that sounds weird because anybody that’s listened to me knows I’m not shy about being critical of things that I believe are true. Based on experience. Not. That is not my gut feeling. Not my instinct. My experience, the good experiences and the bad, gives me a unique perspective, and I’m hoping the audience shuts the f**k up and enjoy the show. Television isn’t driving this. Stories are not going this. Those 80,000 tickets weren’t sold because they’re engaged in the storytelling, which, by the way, I think is almost nonexistent unless you want to really look at some of the things going on there and suggest that it’s a story. It isn’t in my book regarding structure, discipline, and all the other things I’ve talked about too much already. People are buying a ticket to that event because it’s brand new. It’s an alternative. And they want to see for themselves what it is. That’s why they’re buying tickets, not because of any story or angle. Yes. In aggregate, talent that’s on the important card. But they’re buying the ticket primarily because they want to be a part of something big. And if that is, Tony, as a whole, can it out of the park. I. They have an opportunity to take a giant leap forward. Yeah. Amazingly, they also have a chance to shit the bed with 80,000 people.”

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