Impact Wrestling, 8/17/23

Aug 17, 2023 - by Scott Porter

Join us for results from the latest episode from Impact Wrestling.  Coverage will begin after 830pm.   Tonight is the go home show for the Emergence PPV.

Announced Card for tonight’s show.

  1.  Bully Ray VS Black Taurus (NO DQ)
  2. Deonna Purrazzo VS KiLynne King (Representing the Coven)
  3. The Rascalz VS Rich Swann and Sami Callihan (Tag Team Tournament Finals.  Winners are #1 contenders)
  4. Eric Young VS Kon
  5. Moose VS Kevin Knight

We start the show with a highlight show from last week.  It basically runs down why we have the announced card tonight.  PCO wants a piece of Bully Ray.

Match 1.  Deonna Purrazzo VS KiLynne King (with Taylor Wilde)

The match starts off scientifically to start.  Purrazzo has the advantage here.  King has the power advantage, but she can’t use it successfully until Deonna went for a second head scissors and King face plants the former champion.  King then whips Deonna into the corner.  She pulls her into the rack, but Deonna slips to the outside and sweeps King into the apron, back first.  The two end up in the ring trading strong style blows.  Purrazzo wins that exchange.  She locks on the fujiwara.  King rolls threw it.  Deonna lands a pump kick for a two count.  King gut busters Deonna and DDT’s her.  King hits a flatliner and then Gotch Neutralizer for a two count.  Purrazzo slips the Kings Curse to a Fujiwara.  She turns it to Venus D’Milo and it is over.

Winner by Submission, Deonna Purrazzo

Kenny King is asked by Johnny Swinger wanting to challenge for his Digital Media Championship.  King is insulted by Swinger even by the thought of this challenge.  He says he will bury Swinger.

Bully Ray is shown asking Santino Marella for help fending off PCO.  He begs Santino to change the rules of the No DQ match.  Once Brian Myers and Moose walk up, Bully doesn’t act as scared in front of his friends.  Myers wants a shot with Alex Shelley.  Moose says everyone a coward.  Kevin Knight walks up and tells Moose not to mention Kushida’s name, which he did.  Santino makes a match with Knight and Moose.  Alex Shelley walks up and Myers gets his wish as the World Champion accepts his challenge.

Match 2.  Killer Kelly (Tag Team Champion, with Masha Slamovich) VS Jessika VS Savanah Evans

The power of Jessika and Evans are the story at the start of the match.  Jessika in fact, drops Evans with a running splash.  Kelly jumps on Jessika’s back and locks on a sleeper.  Kelly is tossed off by Jessika, who then DDT’s Evans.  Kelly hits a DVD on Jessika and it is over that quickly.

Winner, Killer Kelly

We get another Dango and Bravo vignette.  He is making digs at Jake Something for working the indies.  He says he is allergic to making money and should go back to working the mud shows.

Match 3.  Moose VS Kevin Knight

Knight is ultra athletic.  He gets baited into a test of strength, which is a mistake.  Moose boots him in the mid section and lays in some stiff chops.  Moose lands a sky high for a two count.  He seems confused with the kickout.  Moose blames the ref for the miscount.  He starts toying with Knight, but Kevin slips out of a powerbomb and lands some superkicks.  Moose catches Knight jumping off the top and sidewalk slams him.  Moose slows the match down and starts working the back.  Moose is getting a lot of crowd support despite messing with the Chicago crowd.  Knight takes Moose down to a knee with two forearms off the ropes.  Moose catches him trying again and throws him from the ring.  We went to a break, but during that time, Moose hurt his knee, but stayed in control.  Moose misses a back elbow into the corner.  Knight then rannas Moose off the corner and then dropkicks him.  Knight then flies to the floor and rannas Moose to the ramp in one motion.  He then dives off the top on the floor on Moose again with a reverse direction splash.  The fans are getting behind him now.  Knight delivers a missile dropkick next.  He rolls up Moose twice for near falls and then gets another two count off a destroyer.  Moose finds a way to drop Knight throat first on the ropes.  After a powerbomb and spear it is over.

Winner by pinfall, Moose

Moose called out Kushida as he speared Knight.  He continues calling him out post match.

The Rascalz are interviewed about their match later tonight.  The ABC walk up and start mouthing with the Rascalz.  Santino tries to calm the tension.

Match 4.  Kon (with Deaner) VS Eric Young

EY goes right after his larger foe to start the match.  Deaner distract on the outside, leading to Kon shouldering Eric to the mat.  Deaner continues the interference while the ref was not looking.  Kon stays in control with methodical offense for the next few minutes.  EY uses joint manipulation to break out of a nerve hold.  EY then slams Kon.  EY then DVD’s Kon.  Kon spinebusters EY.  Deaner calls for the end.  EY slips a choke slam, goes for a piledriver, but Deaner levels him with a chair for a DQ.

Winner by DQ, Eric Young.

Kon chokeslams EY post match.  Deaner then DDT’s EY onto the chair.

We get a new music video for Yuya Uemura and Joe Hendry.. very cheesy and funny.  They are going to go for the tag belts.

Krazzy Steve’s sit down interview continues.  He says he has deep scars from his difficult child.  He was abused emotionally and physically by his father.  He says he loved his mother very much, but she was never healthy after his birth.  He tells the story of her committing suicide 3 weeks before he signed his debut.  He said he has never been happy.  He says the office dressed him up like a clown.  He was not ever happy.  He tells Tom Hannifan he never has been.  He is not a clown.  Too be continued.

Chris Sabin calls out Lio Rush in a backstage promo.  Samurai Del Sol then comes out to challenge Sabin next week.  The winner will get Rush.

Match 5.  NO DQ Match.  Bully Ray VS Black Taurus

Taurus charges Bully as he enters the ring.  He shoulders Bully down several times and then bites him.  Bully bails to the floor. but gets dived on.  Taurus throws him in the post twice.  Taurus throws chairs in the ring as we take a break.  Taurus is shown hitting Bully with a garbage can and then a chair.  Bully goes for the eyes to defend himself.  Taurus shakes it off and trips Bully to the mat.  Bully shows signs of life using the chair to the back.  Taurus lands a Samoan Drop.  He hits a twisting senton.  Bully kicks out at 2.  Bully gets laid out on a ladder.  This time Taurus misses the twisting senton.  Bully then rolls him up after landing on the ladder.

Winner by pinfall, Bully Ray

The lights go out and PCO enters with lightning striking.  Bully is terrified, but slams PCO threw the table.  That does nothing to PCO.  Bully runs off after PCO stands up and starts chasing him.

We get a clip of Frankie Kazarian accidentally hitting Alisha Edwards with a kendo stick.  Eddie Edwards cuts a promo about Kaz, who shows up.  Kaz wants this to end.  This sets up a match at Killer Kowalski’s old school next week.  Kowalski trained them both.

Match 6.  Tag Tournament Final.  Rich Swann and Sami Callihan VS The Rascalz, Zachary Wentz and Trey Miguel

The two former World Champions want to best The Rascalz in this finals match.  They double team Trey to begin the fight.  Wentz interferes, but Sami hits a Death Valley Driver on Miguel on the apron.  The Rascalz capitalize on Sami and Swann gloating.  They hit a double top rope moonsault.  Trey works on Swann in the ring and Callihan is taken out on the floor by Wentz.  The Rascalz use tandem offense on Swann.  Sami gets back to the apron.  He needs to tag in.  Swann is in trouble.  Swann hits a closeline on Trey and makes a tag.  Wentz also tags in.  Sami hits a flatliner / DDT combo.  He fails in getting a piledriver.  Wentz and Trey do an all out blitz on Sami, but fail to get the ring.  Sami piledrives Wentz on top of Miguel.  Sami makes the tag.  Swann lands a few kicks and rannas Wentz off the top rope for a two count.  Sami sets up Swann for a scissor kick on Trey for a two count.  Swann misses a 450.  Trey and Miguel dispose of Sami and double team Swann.  Sami recovers and all 4 are in the ring.  They all superkick each other at once.  Everyone is down for the count.  The four start brawling.  Swann hits a assisted cutter on Wentz for a two count.  They then V trigger Wentz.  Trey makes the save and Wentz takes out Swann.  Trey spray paints Sami.  After a fire flame on Sami, it is over.

Tournament final winners, resulting in a tag team title match at Emergence, The Rascalz






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