Against All Odds

Jun 9, 2023 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute results from Impact Wrestling.  Pre Show begins at 7:30 pm.  The card is held in Columbus, Ohio.  Tom Hannifan and Mathew Rewholdt are on the call.

IMPACT Against All Odds 2023 Full Card:

  • IMPACT World Championship: Steve Maclin (C) vs. Alex Shelley
  • X-Division Championship: Trey Miguel (C) vs. Chris Sabin
  • IMPACT World Tag Team Championship Match: ABC (Ace Austin and Chris Bey) (C) vs. The Good Hands (Jason Hotch and John Skyler)
  • IMPACT Digital Media Championship: Joe Hendry (C) vs. Dirty Dango
  • Dog Collar Match: Killer Kelly vs. Masha Slamovich
  • KyLynn King (with Taylor Wilde) VS Neveah
  • The Design (Deaner, Kon, and Angels) vs. oVe (Sami Callihan, Jake Crist, and Madman Fulton)  OHIO St Fight
  • Trinity and Deonna Purrazzo vs. Gisele Shaw and Savannah Evans
  • Eddie Edwards vs. Frankie Kazarian
  • KyLynn King (with Taylor Wilde) VS Neveah
  • 841 Match.. Winner Gets Shot at IMPACT World Championship: Bully Ray, Jonathan Gresham, Heath, and Nick Aldis vs. Mike Bailey, Moose, PCO, and Rich Swann


Countdown Show

Match 1.  KyLynn King (with Taylor Wilde) VS Neveah

They start quickly and Neveah gets tossed to the floor.  Wilde interferes Neveah gets thrown back in to King.  King  and Wilde continue to work as a team on Neveah.  Finally the hometown favorite Neveah gets a backdrop on a quick pin attempt.  King blocks a whip and lands a face buster for a two count.  Neveah lands a clothesline.  King kicks Neveah in the face.  Then she hits a kings curse and it is over.

Winner.  One half of the Knockouts Tag Champion, KyLynn King.  

We get a hype segment for the Ohio Street Fight.

Match 2.  Dirty Dango VS Joe Hendry (C) for the Digital Media Championship 

Santino Marella joins the announce team.  Santino lays into Dirty Dango for turning on him.  Hendry comes out to comedy video making fun of Dango.  It is a pretty good music video.   The song is called Diva’s Reject.

Hendry lands a few shoulder blocks to start the match.  Dango suplexes Hendry.  He then lands a few blows to the back of Joe, who is on the mat.  Dango then drives the knee to the left arm off the ropes.  A Diva’s Reject chant breaks out.  Hendry rallies and throws Dango over the top rope.  Hendry hits a few clotheslines and a cutter once Dango re-enters the ring.  Dango hits a falcon arrow for a two count.  Hendry catches Dango on the top rope.  He works the back, with clubbing blows.  Hendry blocks a down and dirty and lands a delayed suplex.  After a standing ovation, Hendry gets the pin.

Winner.  Joe Hendry

We get a Alex Shelley/Steve Maclin World Title Match vignette.

Main Card

Match 1.  Frankie Kazarian VS Eddie Edwards (Alisha Edwards)

This is a first time, one on one match between these two.  Kaz starts with a rollup to start the match.   They were both trained by Killer Kowalski btw.  Kaz follows up with a side Russian leg sweep, backslide and then a neck breaker.  Eddie throws Kaz to the floor.  Alisha takes the opportunity to rake his back.  Eddie then blasts Kaz from behind.  After a chop and headbutt, the match is in Eddie’s hands.  Back in the ring, Eddie uses a methodical, hard hitting move set to continue his advantage.  Kaz dodges a backdrop and levels Eddie with a forearm.  Eddie recovers and throws Kaz to the floor and dives on him.  Eddie lands a missile drop kick off the top.  He then starts punk slapping Kaz, which enrages him.  Kaz rallies with punches and throws Kaz over the ropes to the floor.  Kaz hurls himself over the ropes and in one motion, rannas Eddie to the floor.  He then leg drops Eddie on the ropes and follows up with a DDT for two.  Eddie blocks a chicken wing.  Alisha then interferes.  Kaz stills slams and leg drops Eddie.  Eddie blocks an unprettier. He then hits a blue thunder bomb.  Eddie misses a Boston Knee Party.  Kaz hits a piledriver for two.  Alisha interferes and is kicked out of ringside.  Eddie manages to suplex Kaz off the top rope.  Kaz blocks a tiger driver and rolls up Eddie for the pin.

Winner by pinfall, Frankie Kazarian

Nick Aldis, Jonathan Gresham, Bully Ray and Heath are interviewed about their 8 4 1 match.  They talk about being partners that have to eventually become foes.  Bully tells them they are babies.  He says they can follow his lead until they get to the fatal four way.  He tells them they can’t trust him anyway.. He walks off.

We get a vignette for the tag team title match.

Match 2.  Impact World Tag Team Championship Match.  Champions, ABC of the Bullet Club (Ace Austin and Chris Bey) VS The Good Hands (Jason Hotch and John Skyler) with Brian Myers

ABC seems destined to go to the next level, and they are already champions.  They are simply an amazing team.  Bey and Skyler start the match.  Bey arm drags Skyler several times and tags Ace.  Hotch and Skyler double team Ace.  Ace fights back, but Skyler stops his advance.  Ace uses kicks and trips to set up a neck ringer.  Bey tags in and he takes out both of the Good Hands.  The champs are a modern day version of The Motor City Machine Guns.  Bey hits a beautiful Code Red for a two count.  Ace tags in, but kicks his partner by accident.  Hotch tagged in and levels the confused Austin.  He gets a two count.  Ace then uses his incredible kicks to level Hotch.  He then flies to the floor on Myers.  Skyler spears Ace and Hotch dives to the floor onto him.  Bey then dives from the ring over the ref and ropes to land on Hotch.  Skyler throws Bey into the post.  The Good Hands land a Magic Killer on Ace for a long two count.  Ace then takes on both of his foes.  Skyler knees Ace, but Bey makes the save.  Incredible tandem moves, including a Art of Finesse, which sets up Ace landing the fold and it is over.

Winners by pinfall and still World Tag Team Champions, The ABC.

Trinity and Deonna Purrazzo (Knockouts Champion) are interviewed about teaming tonight, but will face each other at Slammiversary.  We will see how they team up tonight against Shaw and Evans.

Match 3.  Dog Collar Match, Killer Kelly VS Masha Slamovich

This is brutal right from the beginning.  They choke and beat each other with the chain right away.  Masha wraps the chain around Kelly’s hand and stomps it.  Masha then start snap mareing Kelly with the chain wrapped around her neck.  Kelly kicks Masha from her back on the floor.  They tug of war on the floor.  The momentum of Masha smashes Kelly into the post.  Masha then bites Kelly, while chocking her using the post.  Masha drags Kelly back in the ring.  She is screaming.  Kelly won’t give up.  She starts a comeback.  They both go down.  The crowd seems split, but Kelly is gaining momentum.  Kelly hits a series of clotheslines and headbutts.  She follows up with a double underhook and basement dropkick.  Kelly then pulls in Masha for a DDT for a two count.  Kelly goes to the top rope and pulls Masha to her.  Masha pulls the hair and Kelly falls to the floor.  Masha follows, but the chain is wrapped in the ropes.  Kelly is being hung.  Masha drops her hard.  Masha hip tosses Kelly back in the ring.  Kelly blocks a snow plow and locks on a sleeper.  She then hits a snow plow for two.  Masha barely kicked out.  This match is brutally stiff.  Kelly goes back to the sleeper.  Masha reverses the hold with the chain and snow plows Kelly for the win.

Winner by pinfall, Masha Slamovich

Post match, there was a strange and sexual exchange between the two.  Masha licked her hand and wiped it on Kelly.  They both smiled.  Masha unhooked herself and walked off.

We get a X Division Title match vignette next.

Match 4.  X Division Title Match, Trey Miguel (C) VS Chris Sabin

This match starts quickly.  Sabin is out to prove he is the greatest X Division competitor of all time.  He wants the title for the 9th time.  Miguel lands a snake eyes neck breaker.  Trey goes to the ground and pound.   He feels disrespected by Sabin and the fans.  Sabin hits the Lethal combination.  Sabin then spears Trey on the apron.  Sabin then lands a reverse Samoan drop.  He then locks on the abdominal stretch.  Trey locks on a leg lock with a reverse chin lock.  Cool move, but Sabin manages to get to the ropes.  I can’t even call the crazy move set Trey lands next.  Sabin counters with angles wings.  Sabin seems to be paying homage to the history of the X Division.  Christopher Daniels and Jay Lethal must love this.  Trey counters with a double knee and then a cradle shock on Sabin!  He gets a two count.  Trey goes under the ring to get spray paint.  He gets two cans.  He sprays Sabin’s eyes, but only gets a two count.  The ref was confused by two cans.  The two end up on the top rope.  Sabin drops Miguel on the ropes on his ribs.  Sabin gets water to clear his vision.  Sabin delivers a Styles Clash for a two count.  AJ would be proud.  Cradle shock is next and we have a 9 time champion.

Winner and New X Division Champion, Chris Sabin

The new champion stands tall, emotion seems to be getting the best of him.

We get an 8 4 1 build up vignette.

Match 5.  841 Match.. Winner Gets Shot at IMPACT World Championship: Bully Ray, Jonathan Gresham, Heath, and Nick Aldis vs. Mike Bailey, Moose, PCO, and Rich Swann

Gresham and Bailey start the match.  What a history between these two.  They are friendly with each other, even though they have had so many amazing matches.  There is a mutual respect here.  They each tag out to Heath and Rich Swann.  They have a dance off.  Swann reverses a suplex to land on Heath.  Heath then turns Rich inside out with a slam.  Moose interferes.  Swann goes for a pin, but Moose tags himself in.  He lays the ground and pound in on Heath.  Bully argues on the outside with Moose.  Bailey tags in.  Machine gun kicks rattle Heath to the corner.  Bully crotches Bailey, who was on the top rope.  Heath makes a tag to Bully.  Bully stomps Bailey right in front of his team, preventing the tag.  Bully show boats and Bailey levels him with a spin kick.  PCO tags in.  He clears the ring of everyone.  PCO dives to the floor on Aldis and Heath.  Bully wants no part of PCO and tags Gresham.  PCO lands a lung blower.  He then leg drops Gresham off the 2nd rope.  Moose tags himself in.  Moose allows Bully to hurl PCO to the floor from the top rope.  Moose powerbombs Gresham for a two count.  Gresham drop toe holds Moose and floats to a sleeper.  Swann blind tags and takes out Gresham.  Moose spears Swann by accident.  Gresham pins Swann.

Bully Ray, Gresham, Nick Aldis and Heath win and now will go at it on a 4 way.

They all attack Bully Ray to restart the match.  Every man is for himself now.  Aldis takes out Heath and slams Bully.  Heath and Aldis decide to split Bully’s legs and let Gresham do the what’s up on Bully.  Bully sells the crotch chop hard and bails.  The rest trade rollups.  Aldis does a good job of maintaining some control.  Gresham eventually dives on Heath and Aldis on the floor, but Bully waits and takes Gresham out.  Bully grabs a chair.  He stalks Gresham.  Scott D’Amore enters and takes the chair from Bully.  D’Amore and Bully argue in the ring.  He dares Scott to hit him with a chair.  He does.  lol.  Gresham splashes him.  They all try to pin him.  They keep breaking up the pin.  Aldis hits a driver on Heath for a two count.  Gresham crotches Aldis on the top.  He joins them for a tower of doom on the top rope.  Superplex powerbomb combo.  Heath pins Gresham for a two count.  Gresham locks up Heath’s legs.  Aldis goes to the top and elbows them both, ending the submission.  Aldis locks on the cloverleaf.  Heath taps.

Winner and number 1 contender, Nick Aldis

Gia Miller interviews World Champion, Steve Maclin about Alex Shelley.  Maclin says nothing that has happened tonight means anything to him.   He says good for Nick Aldis, but he will be ready for him another day.

Match 6. Trinity and Deonna Purrazzo (Knockouts World Champion) vs. Gisele Shaw and Savannah Evans (with Jai Vidal)

Deonna and Gisele start the match.  Purrazzo boots Shaw in the corner.  She then levels her with a lariat.  Trinity tags in.  She hits the split, but Shaw tags to Evans.  Trinity tries to punch Evans.  She then dropkicks her, but eventually tags Deonna.  Deonna gets clotheslined.  Shaw calls for the tag and she lays it in to the champion.  Evans tags back in and they do a good job of keeping the match on their side of the ring.  They make several more tags.  Purrazzo is needing a breather.  She finally tags Trinity.  She kicks Evans in the midsection and leg drops her.  Vidal interferes.  Trinity dives and misses from the top rope.  Evans and Shaw go back on the beatdown in their corner.  Evans suplexes Trinity with a butterfly.  Trinity botches a kick off the ropes.  Evans still tries to sell it.  Purrazzo tags in as does Shaw.   Purrazzo side Russians and floats to a Fujiwara arm bar.  Shaw gets to the ropes.  Trinity enters as the match breaks down.   She lands a rear view.  After a exchange, they are all down and the ref starts the count.  Evans is up first, but Purrazzo gets up and takes her down.  Trinity kicks Evans from the apron.  Vidal lariats Trinity.  Purrazzo meanwhile rolls up Evans and gets the pin.

Winners, Trinity and Purrazzo

Trinity is still down and Evans, Vidal and Shaw lay the beatdown on Deonna.  Trinity recovers and makes the save.  Trinity and Purrazzo shake hands and hug post match.

Match 7.  The Design (Deaner, Kon, and Angels) vs. oVe (Sami Callihan, Jake Crist, and Madman Fulton)  OHIO St Fight

This match is simply a fight.  It broke down immediately.  Chairs, ladders, crutches plus so much more are involved.  This is a car crash match.  Christ garbage can drop kicks Angels.  He then uses a barb wire wrapped rolling pin on Deaner.  Angels gets suplexed on a up write steel chair by Sami.  Sami gets a stapler.  He staples Angels head.  Kon protects Deaner from a staple.  Kon uses it on Sami.  Fulton takes out Kon and Deaner.  Deaner gets a mailbox and hits Fulton, but they doesn’t work.  Fulton just takes him out anyway.  Fulton gets a barbed wire board and then another.  Deaner gets a shovel.  Angels hits Fulton with a chair in the legs.  Angels lariats Fulton with an arm of barbed wire.  Christ DDT’s Angels.  Angels and Christ end up on the top rope.  Christ hits an incredible cutter.  Wow.  Sami suplexes Deaner on the barbed wire board.  Sami gets the tacks.  Kon makes the save and choke slams Sami on the tacks.  Kon and Fulton fight up the ramp.  They both end up on diving off the ramp threw a table.  Deaner goes off the apron threw another table killing (figuratively) Christ in the process.  Deaner and Angels have Callihan out numbered.  A table is set up with the ladder.  Angels climbs the ladder.  He frog splashes Sami, but only gets a two count.  Deaner gets a bat.  He misses Sami and takes out Angels.  Sami then crotches Deaner.  Sami pounds him with a garbage can.  After a Cactus Driver, Deaner kicks out at two.  Sami hits Deaner with the bat again and piledrives him on the barbed wire board for the win.

Winners by pinfall, oVe.

Match 8.  Impact World Champion, Steve Maclin VS Alex Shelley

The match starts slow.  Shelley hopes to win his first singles world title.  They bounce the ropes, Maclin connects with a back elbow.  Shelley lands an elbow of his own and Maclin bails to the floor.  Shelley dives on Maclin’s arm and injures it.  He now has an established target.  He starts to manipulate the arm and then stomps it.  Maclin fights back using the top rope to drive the throat of Shelley.  Alex dragon screws the leg and leg drops Maclin.  Shelley floats over to an arm lock.  Maclin gets to the ropes.  He is selling the arm hard.  Shelley locks on another arm lock.  Maclin gets free and delivers a German.  They spill to the floor again with more Maclin ground and pound.  Maclin drives Shelley into the apron, back first.  He then suplexes Shelley on the floor.  Maclin goes to the apron and jumps to the floor, landing an elbow.  Maclin did a good job of jumping in and out of the ring, thus resetting the ten count.  Shelley and Maclin get back in the ring.  Shelley finds a way to grab Maclin’s bad arm.  He hyper extends it, but suplexes Shelley.  Maclin locks on a rear chin lock.  Maclin short arm clotheslines Shelley and follows up with a back breaker.  Maclin then showers in the boos of the crowd.  Shelley drives his shoulder into Maclin’s knee.  The two trade blows, strong style.  Shelley forearms Maclin off the ropes.  Shelley grabs the bad arm and starts kicking the knee.  He then dragon screws the same knee.  Shelley ties up Maclin like a pretzel and kicks him in the face.  Shelley locks on the figure four.  Maclin forces a break.  Maclin removes a buckle pad in the corner.  Shelley connects with a fisherman’s neck breaker.  Maclin hits a running knee and brain buster out of nowhere.  Maclin goes to the top and headbutts Shelley for a two count.  Shelley avoids a running Maclin.  They end up on the apron and Shelley DDTs him and then hits the sliced bread.  Maclin hits a KIA out of nowhere, but Shelley kicks out.  They end up on the top rope jockeying for position.  Shelley hits a sliced bread off the top for a long two count.  Shelley misses shell shock.  Maclin drives Shelley into the exposed buckle and then drives him in the mat.  Maclin locks Shelley in the tree of woe.  Shelley moves and Maclin hits the exposed buckle.  They counter each other and Maclin hits the exposed buckle again.  Shell shock and it is over.


Chris Sabin joins Shelley in celebration.


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