Endeavor exec comments on WWE sponsorships

May 17, 2023 - by Staff

Endeavor President Mark Shapiro says the company is open to increasing WWE sponsorship revenue, but they will not “over-commercialize” the WWE product. Shapiro appeared on the Sports Media Podcast with Richard Deitsch today and was asked about WWE sponsorship opportunities and if those could lead to brand logos on the ring gear worn by WWE Superstars.

“Look, you want to be authentic, you want to be seamless, you want to be organic, you want to be true to your audience,” Shapiro said. “So, no, we’re not going to put a brand on somebody’s robe walking into the ring. Now, by the way, do UFC fighters wear Venom apparel and Project Rock shoes when they come into the Octagon? Yes, they do. Could the WWE benefit from an apparel deal as such? A shoe deal as such? Absolutely but we’re not going to over-commercialize it, we’re not going to saturate it to the point that we cheap it out, we trick it out, and you turn off the fanbase. You’ve gotta figure out what’s right in the ring, in the Octagon. You’ve gotta figure out what’s right with the arena, indoor, outdoor. You’ve gotta figure out what’s right with the fighters and the participants, and you gotta walk before you run.”

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