AEW Dynamite 3/1/23

Mar 1, 2023 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute results from AEW Dynamite.  Coverage will begin at 8pm.  Matches are at the legendary Cow Palace tonight.

  • Toni Storm vs. Riho
  • Hook (c) vs. Matt Hardy for the FTW Championship
  • Orange Cassidy (c) vs. Big Bill for the AEW All-Atlantic Championship
  • Chris Jericho vs. “Pretty” Peter Avalon
  • Casino Tag Team Battle Royale
  • Face of the Revolution Ladder Match

Match 1.  Orange Cassidy, All=Atlantic Champion VS Big Bill (with Stokley Hathaway)

Freshly Squeezed enters first before the former Big Cass.  Orange toys with Stokley and Bill in and out of the ring before they lock up.  Once in, Bill finally grabs Orange and sidewalk slams him.  Bill then boots Orange to the floor from the apron and follows him.  Stokley and Bill set up a table on the outside.  Bill choke slams Orange threw the table.  During the commercial break, Orange is attended to see if he can continue.  Big Bill grabs him and tosses him back in the ring.  After manhandling Orange some more, Bill tosses him to the floor again.  Danhausen comes from the back to lend a hand to Orange.  Big Bill hits a vertical suplex back in the ring.  Bill locks on a full nelson.  Orange crumbles to the floor after the hold is released.  He rolls from the ring for a breather.  Danhausen tries ot curse Stokley.  Stokely backhands Danhausen, but the time gave Cassidy the rest he needed.  He goes to work on the outside on Stokley first, then Big Bill.   He lands a superman punch and some kicks.  Back in the ring, he hits a stun gun millionair and then a DDT.  After the Orange Punch, he lands another.  Cassidy goes to the top and hits a third Orange punch for the win.

Winner by pinfall and still champion, Orange Cassidy

Cassidy is helped up by Danhausen after the win.

We get a clip of from last week, when Evil Uno faced Jon Moxley.  They show the dusting between the Dark Order and Hangman Adam Page and the Blackpool Combat Club post match.  We then get a clip of Moxley irate backstage.  Mox is a bloody mess.  He says he is a sick man and he likes this.  He then claims he is going to a bad place with Adam Page.  He challenges Page to a Texas Death Match Sunday at Revolution.

The Six Man Tag Champs (Trios Championship,) The Elite, Matt and Nick Jackson and Kenny Omega hit the stage.  The screen goes out and music goes off.  Lights come back on and Elite is attack by Brody Lee, Malakai Black and Buddy Mathews, aka The House of Black.  We see the House of Black with the belts standing over the fallen Elite next.

Samoa Joe, ROH TV Champion and TNT Champion, joins Taz, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone.

Match 2.  Face of the Revolution Ladder Match:  Entrants, Konosuke Takeshita, Powerhouse Hobbs, Action Andretti, Eddie Kingston, Sammy Guevara, Komander, Ortiz and AR Fox  (Winner gets to challenge Joe)

LAX former members Kingston and Ortiz go at it on the outside.  AR eats a corkscrew brainbuster by Commander.  Sammy sets up some ladders.  Hobbs levels Commander with a lariat.  He then throws Fox onto the ladders in the corner.  Sammy thinks better and bails.  He wants none of Hobbs.  Takeshita enters and he and Hobbs trade blows.  Takeshita then suplexes Hobbs.  Guevara then sneaks up on Konosuke.  AR hits a implosion senton to the floor.  Commander runs the top rope and spring board summersaults himself to the floor in an absolutely breath taking move.  We go to break.

Lots more car crashes during the break.  Sammy starts to climb the ladder, but Andretti catches him they tried a falcon arrow, but that was bad.  Somebody might of got hurt there.  Commander starts walking the top rope again next.  He hits a shooting star press onto AR, who was drapped over a ladder on the outside.  Commander then gets caught going for the ring.  Konosuke this a blue thunder bomb off the top of the ladder.  The place is going nuts.  Andretti catches up to Konosuke.  Daniel Garcia comes out from the back to push over the ladder.  He is there to help Sammy.  Kingston and Ortiz took the fight to the back.  Sammy did a Senton off the ladder to the floor onto Andretti, who was on the ladder.  Takeshita gets taken out by Hobbs.  He climbs the ladder and grabs the ring.

Winner.  Powerhouse Hobbs

Wardlow comes out and beats up security.

Best Friends are not able to compete in the battle royal tonight.  Danhausen and Orange Cassidy will take there place.

Match 3.  Chris Jericho VS Peter Avalon

Avalon is livid over what happened last week.  He wants revenge.  He starts off quick beating Jericho around the ring.  Back in the ring, Avalon rakes the back.  Avalon hits a crossbody for a two count.  After a DDT he gets another 2 count.  Out of nowhere, Jericho hits a code breaker and it is over that fast.

Winner by pinfall, Chris Jericho

Jericho grabs a bat and levels Avalon with it.

Richy Starks comes out to make the save.  Jericho grabs a mic and says on Sunday he is going to beat the hell out of him.  Then the JAC hits the ring and destroys Starks.

Adam Page has a promo outside the arena.  It further sets up the match with Jon Moxley.  He says tonight he will take over his spot at the top of the food chain.

Renee is in the ring to interview Christian Cage.  Christian starts off telling San Fran how much he hates it there.  He says Jungle Boy, Jack Perry and he will never win a championship.  The fans are all over Christian.  He brags about leaving Perry in a puddle of blood last week.  Christian claims Perry’s entire age group is a bunch of video game players.  He says he is a professional.  He then makes fun of Perry’s dead father, Luke Perry.  The lights go out.  We see Perry digging a grave.  We then see a headstone for Christian Cage.  Cage walks off.

Jamie Hayter, the AEW Womens Champion and Brit Baker call out Saraya and Toni Storm backstage.

Match 4.  FTW Champion, Hook VS Matt Hardy  (if Hook wins, he gets a no DQ with Stokley Hathaway)

Hook dives Hardy to the mat.  They tie up in the ropes.  Hardy connects with a right hand.  Hook locks on a kneebar.  Hardy goes to the floor, but Hook throws him in the barricade.  Ethan Page rams hook into the corner post.  Hardy hits a few punches, but Hook suplexes him.  Hardy hits a snake eyes.  Hook hits a lariat.  Matt gets a two count off a side effect.  Hook and Hardy collide.  They bump heads.  Page hits Hook with Stokley’s cast, but Hook kicks out.  Hook blocks a twist of fate, and then chokes out Matt for the win.

Winner.  Hook.   He will get a No DQ with Stokley

The House of Black are shown leaving the belts for The Elite backstage, but they say they will see them at Revolution.

Match 5.  Toni Storm VS Riho

Riho starts quick, but Saraya keeps Riho off her game completely with her constant banter.  Riho locks on a rear headlock.  Toni had to get out by getting to the ropes.  Saraya then interferes and Toni bounces Riho to the floor.  She then rams Riho’s face into the cornerpost.  Dr Brit Baker and Jamie Hayter walk out to the ring.   Riho avoids a hip attack and dives to the floor on Storm with a crossbody.  She throws Storm back in.  She hits a double stomp off the top and then a northern lights suplex.  Riho then goes back to the top.  This time Storm catches her.  They jockey for position.  Storm blocks a powerbomb and pulls Riho to the floor by her hair.  She gets a two count off a hip attack.  Storm then locks on a cloverleaf, but Britt interferes and Riho rolls up Storm for the pin.

Winner.  Riho

Storm and Baker start going at it on the floor.  Saraya and Hayter start fighting and then Ruby Soho joins the fight.  This will be a 3 way dance for the belt at Revolution.

Keith Lee and Dustin Rhodes cut a backstage promo backstage.  They call themselves Naturally Limitless.

Match 6.  Casino Tag Team Battle Royal 

John Silver and Alex Reynolds from the Dark Order will start vs Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta from The Blackpool Combat Club will start the match.  The BCC attack the Dard Order from behind, while walking the ramp.  They fight and brawl equally and then Rush and Preston Vance enter from La Fassion Ingobernable.  The speed of the match picks up as a new team enters every 60 seconds.  Rush and Claudio have a great strong style exchange.  The Lucha Brothers, Penta and Rey Fenix enter next.  They come in hot and they pace even gets faster.  No member from any team has been eliminated yet.  Rey and Claudio end up on the apron.  They both were close to elimination.  Aussie Open are next, Davis and Fletcher.  They are a slower more ground and pound team.  Silver hits a great sublex on Yuta.  Silver and Reynolds have been both eliminated.  JAS members Angelo Parker and Matt Menard enter the match.  They are in no hurry to enter the ring.  Top Fight, Darius and Donte Martin enter next.  Daddy Magic Matt Menard has been eliminated.  The Kingdom, Matt Taven and Mike Bennett enter with Maria Kanellis.  The ring is full.  Taven and Bennett are talking smack with The Lucha Bros.  Aussie Open attack the Kingdowm from behind.  Davari, Woods and Tony Nece attack everyone from the audience.  Penta is eliminated by Rush.  The match thinned out a bit during a break.  Top Flight and the Aussies remain with The Kingdom and The BCC.  Just like that.. Top Flight is eliminated.  Orange Cassidy and Danhausen enter.  Angelo Parker has been eliminated.  He was hiding under the ring.  The Butcher and The Blade enter next.  The Kingdom and Aussie Open have both been eliminated.  Orange Cassidy eliminated Yuta.  Danhausen  tosses Claudio with Orange’s help.  Danhausen is crushed by Butcher and Blade.  They then turn to Orange.  Danhausen then sneaks behind Butcher and Blade and eliminates them both.

Winners Danhausen and Orange Cassidy

The Champions, The Gunns will face the winners at Revolution.  Just then, Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal attack Danhausen and Cassidy as the Gunns cheer them on.  The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn enter and make the save.

We get a promo package on the MJF title defense against Brian Danielson at Revolution.

Danielson enters the arena with Renee in street clothes.  He starts a promo on MJF, who enters of course.  Brian cuts him off and tells him to shut up.  Danielson basically cuts MJF down because he cheats and wants to have the recognition and life he has.  Danielson challenges him to a fight right now.  MJF starts to act a bit concerned with Danielson’s rage.  Brian says he wants the world championship and MJF better be ready to go for 60 minutes.  There was some colorful Danielson language blurred out.  The show ends with MJF walking off and Brian enjoying the crowd.

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  1. John says:

    Pile of trash, had enough after the second match.

  2. John says:

    Botch after botch in the ladder match and the referees having to hold down the ladder so that Hobbs can get the title. The mismatch of OC and Big Bill and how the match went. They should have never fought. The first match was ridiculous and not in a good way.

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