Merchandise at the Rumble runs out as fans flock to buy apparel

Jan 30, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

It’s safe to say that Cody Rhodes was one of the most popular WWE Superstars this past weekend in San Antonio when it comes to merchandise.

Rhodes’ merchandise, from hoodies to shirts to caps and everything in between, flew off the shelves at the WWE Superstore and inside the Alamodome. Right after he won the Royal Rumble, WWE put out a new ‘Undesirable, Undeniable, Uncrowned’ shirt for sale inside the stadium and the Superstore was stocked with the shirt the following day as well.

WWE made a lot of money in merchandise sales at the Royal Rumble, and when Triple H said during the press conference that they have to start bringing in more merchandise for these shows, he wasn’t kidding.

Several shelves at the WWE Superstore on Sunday morning were empty, with only the new Cody shirt, a few Rumble baseball caps, title belts, and some other items were left on sale, with the store practically stripped of stock.

Title belts were also selling like crazy in the store, most of them running in the hundreds of dollars each.

WWE Shop is currently running a promotion of up to 40% off on select merchandise with free shipping on orders over $39 using the code WWE39.

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