Undertaker comments on Raw appearance

Jan 24, 2023 - by Staff

WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker shared a “special, defining” moment with Bray Wyatt on Monday’s RAW 30th Anniversary special.

RAW saw LA Knight come to the ring to promote Saturday’s inaugural Pitch Black match against Wyatt at the WWE Royal Rumble. Knight talked about how Wyatt and all the WWE Legends backstage were living on past glory. Knight then issued a challenge, to any WWE Legend in the back who had “enough tingle in his loins,” to come let Knight give them a preview of the Pitch Black match. The lights went low and the bells began to hit as Taker’s legendary theme music started up. The theme then transitioned into Taker’s American Badass theme as Taker rode his Harley Davidson motorcycle to the ring. Fans popped big for Taker as he entered the ring and posed. Knight called for the music to be cut because he’d heard enough.

Knight brought up Taker’s 2021 Joe Rogan interview and how he said the locker room is soft. Knight agreed and said Wyatt is at the top of that soft list, but if Taker thinks Knight is also on the list, then someone told him wrong. Knight then taunted Taker, pointing to the headline they could create together – LA Knight Sends The Undertaker To The Undertaker. Taker began pacing around the ring, but Knight said he would give Taker a pass, let him live to enjoy retirement and his family. Knight had just one request – for Taker to watch the Pitch Black match on Saturday because then LA will be the new Lord of Darkness. Knight continued to talk himself up until the lights went low and then Wyatt began his entrance.

Knight was suddenly spooked at ringside as Wyatt walked down with his lantern, as Taker watched from the ring. Knight returned to the ring but turned around to Taker grabbing him by his throat. Wyatt hit the apron, and Taker looked at Knight, then Wyatt. Wyatt entered the ring and Taker shoved Knight to him, by his throat, right into a Sister Abigail. Wyatt stared at Taker from the mat, then got back to his feet as a “holy shit!” chant started from the crowd. Taker and Wyatt then had a brief staredown. Taker walked past Wyatt to exit the ring, but stopped and said a few words in his ear, which we could not hear. Wyatt then nodded his head as Taker exited the ring. The American Badass theme started back up as Taker drove the Harley up the ramp, stopping to raise his fist while the lightning hit.

Taker took to Twitter after the segment and commented. “Moments define this industry. This one was special!,” he wrote.

Wyatt has not commented on the segment as of this writing.

As reported earlier, Taker’s RAW 30 segment was pitched as something of a “passing of the torch,” but no other details were provided, and it’s unclear if that’s the direction they went with.

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