Update on the condition of Jay Briscoe’s daughters

Jan 22, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

Both of Jay Briscoe’s daughters, who were with him in the car at the time of the fatal car crash, have undergone surgeries and are now recovering.

12-year-old Gracie was paralyzed from the waist down but is now regaining feeling back after suffering an L2 dislocation and L3/L4 fractures. Gracie also had spinal cord compression which complicated things more. As hours and days went on by, she was getting feeling back in her legs and was able to get up and sit in a wheelchair according to an update on Facebook provided by the family. The road to full recovery is a long one for Gracie but these steps were considered crucial.

9-year-old Jayleigh had a C7 neck fracture and L3/L4 fractures in her back, forcing her to be in neck and leg braces for the next few months. Apart from that, she also broke her tibia, fibula, ribs, and a perforated bowel. She still cannot eat or drink so doctors fitted her with a tube until she can heal better.

Both of them survived the crash being in the back of the car and wearing seatbelts.

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