Kingston comments on Vince McMahon’s return, Gail Kim on a possible all-women’s PPV

Jan 19, 2023 - by Steve Gerweck

– Filed to GERWECK.NET: IMPACT Wrestling’s Gail Kim says she’s considering IMPACT working with STARDOM for an all-women’s PPV.

When asked about the possibility of an all-women’s IMPACT Wrestling PPV, Gail Kim said, “That’s the one thing I think all the companies talk about and then it hasn’t really happened and I think there is a demand for it, interesting enough. I’ve kind of passed on the idea of collaborating with other companies. Maybe a STARDOM, because STARDOM is starting to work with New Japan and they’ve got that all-women’s division there. There’s so many possibilities. That’s my next goal. That’s what I’m looking forward to. Seeing the best of the Knockouts division against many other talented women out there.”

– During a recent interview with The New York Post, NXT Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston gave his thoughts on Vince McMahon’s return to the company. He said “It’s great that Vince is back. Obviously when he left, there was a huge void, especially for me. Ever since I’ve been on the roster, WWE without Vince was unconscionable. When he stepped down, it was like ‘Oh my goodness, I can’t believe this is happening. Is this actually really real?’ But also it was great to have a bit of a change with Triple H at the helm, being able to do things in the way that he did, and Stephanie and [CEO] Nick Khan. It’s always good in WWE to have change. Now that Vince is back, it’s change again.”

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