Kevin Nash posts message to fans

Jan 19, 2023 - by Staff

As reported earlier, Kevin Nash seemingly referenced suicide on the latest episode of his “Kliq This” podcast when discussing his son Tristen Nash, who tragically passed away back in October. The comments led to significant concern from fans and colleagues on social media. TMZ then reported that the Volusia County Sherriff’s Office in Florida performed a wellness check at Nash’s home, but he explained to officers that he has no plans to harm himself. Nash was said to be doing OK when police checked on him in person.

In an update, Nash tweeted this evening and told everyone to relax. He pointed to how he was using sarcasm to cope on the podcast, and how everything was blown out of proportion.

“Everyone take a breath. Let’s not take my biggest coping mechanism SARCASM and blow it out of proportion. I appreciate the concern and the fact that others find it a perfect time for insults. Continue to get you updates on @TMZ and wrestling sites. I’ve got legs to train today,” he wrote.

On the recent episode of his “Kliq This” podcast, Nash discussed Tristen’s passing and said, “Today is week 12 that I lost my boy. Time flies when you got a gun in your mouth, I mean time flies when you’re having fun.” Co-host Sean Oliver urged Nash to avoid making such comments as he is a gun owner, but Nash responded, “I can do whatever the f–k I wanna do. Long as I leave a note.”

Nash then talked about what life is like without his son. He said, “Every morning when I wake up, the first thing that happens is, I come to the realization that instead of there being three human beings in my home, there’s now two, and the third person isn’t on vacation or staying with friends, or is out late. He is never coming back. And then I sit up in the bed and I have absolutely nothing I have to do, and it’s like, ‘so, why am I getting out of bed?’”

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